How Does Hair Loss Stop?

How to Stop Hair Loss? Hair loss is usually of genetic origin, but can also occur due to various diseases. Also, temporary diseases sinusitis, infection, intestinal parasite cause hair loss, while B12, magnesium, zinc, and iron deficiency also lead to hair loss. Hair loss is a condition that should be for our hair health.

Weakened hair falls out to renew themselves, and healthy hair occurs from the roots of the hair. But there must be a certain proportion of this. From a scientific point of view, when the hair strand rate exceeds 10% of the total hair strand rate, this means that there is an unhealthy loss, and it is useful to consult a doctor.

Daily cleaning and routine hair care can prevent hair loss. The air intake of hair follicles is very important for the health of hair strands. For this reason, the scalp should be washed at certain intervals, cleaning should be done with soft movements when washing the hair, and always be careful that the hair is clean.

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Ingredients found in most shampoos, which allow shampoos to foam, and also contained in laundry and dishwashing detergents, damage the strands of hair, disrupting the health of the scalp. For this reason, you should avoid cheap shampoos for hair health, soaps and shampoos with natural content should be preferred. After diagnosing the cause of hair loss, it is necessary to look at how to prevent hair loss. Because each type of problem also has its unique treatment method, you should focus your attention on all of them and take steps.

Both medical and surgical methods are available to treat hair loss. Medical methods benefit more when hair loss is still at the beginning. If there is a problem with hair loss at an advanced stage, surgical methods may be preferred instead of medical methods. Because medical methods are insufficient to regain lost hair, those who experience baldness often resort to hair transplant, which is a surgical method of treatment. To stop hair loss, the following methods can be applied:

Medical Methods:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two types of effective treatment for hair loss. Drugs containing these two active substances intervene without allowing thinning the existing hair follicles and restore the thickness of the hair. These two active substances, which are used to treat hair loss and partially provide a medical solution, are divided into two.

Derma Cosmetic Methods:

In recent years, derma cosmetic solutions, which are more prominent with skin and body problems, have started to be used in hair loss problems. Which come across as a ritual of care, today offer a solution in the face of hair problems.

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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma):

Platelet Rich Plasma was a method first used in orthopedic and dental surgery applications. In recent years, PRP, which is preferred especially in derma cosmetic areas, is also used to strengthen hair follicles. In PRP application, the person's blood is taken, decomposed into plasmas in the laboratory environment, and re-injected into the person.

The purpose of the process is to decompose platelets in the blood. Platelets, on the other hand, help ensure blood clotting. Blood clotting, on the other hand, allows the tissue to regenerate. PRP, which is deduced that a solution to hair loss will be offered by renewing the tissue, is often used today for hair problems. In this procedure, which takes about 30 minutes, the pain may be felt according to the pain threshold due to the use of the needle.

Hair Mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy is the delivery of a mixture of vitamins and substances determined according to the problem in the hair to the dermis, the second layer of the skin, by injection. The aim of this process, which is injected into the skin, is to increase blood flow in the area and feed the hair follicles. In this way, the injected vitamins will make the hair look more lush and healthy. Although hair mesotherapy treatment is applied for various types of hair loss, there is not enough information that it is an effective method for the development of hair follicles or has any side effects. It is believed to be useful against hair loss because it contains various vitamins.

Laser Treatment:

One of the applications offered for people with hair loss problems is laser treatment. At a low dose, thanks to the Rays given to the scalp through the laser dish, it is claimed that the cells in the hair stimulate protein synthesis, strengthening weakened and thinned hair. Being a proven method of accuracy is also often practiced today in the face of spilled problems.

Surgical Methods (Hair Transplant):

A solution to the problem of hair loss is the hair transplant procedure, which is a surgical method of treatment. Hair transplant is a common method among people who want to get their hair back. Hair transplant, which is based on taking from the densest and strong area of the hair follicles and transferring to the area where there is no hair, is most often performed by applying DHI and FUE methods.

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