PRP and Mesotherapy

PRP and Mesotherapy

PRP and Mesotherapy, Hair loss is a very common problem that many people experience. Approximately 1 out of 3 people experience hair loss. Since it is a common problem, there are many people who are in search of a remedy to their hair loss problem.

Some people apply homemade mixtures to their scalps and hairs to at least slow down the rate of their hair loss. Some people, however, go for hair transplantation to remedy their advanced hair loss. But there are other methods that fall in between these solutions: PRP and mesotherapy.

PRP and mesotherapy treatments are fundamentally very similar. They both involve the injection of certain mixtures into the patient’s scalp. However, the substances are distinct from one another. Let’s take a deeper look at both of these treatments.

PRP Treatment

PRP, which is the abbreviation of platelet-rich plasma, is a natural, non-invasive procedure for treating hair loss. In PRP treatments, the surgeons use patients’ own blood and other substances to promote hair growth.

How Does It Work?

Let’s take a look at the processes of the PRP treatment:

  • First, your surgeon will take a small amount of your blood and centrifuge it. The centrifugation process concentrates the platelets and the proteins with growth factor features.
  • Your surgeon then will use a device to stimulate the target areas around your head. This process is essential for the mixture to work.
  • Once the preparation is complete, your surgeon will start to inject this mixture into your scalp.

The growth factors in the mixture reduce shrinkage of your hair follicles, improve the blood flow in your scalp, and encourage the growth of new cells. 

You must have at least 3 PRP sessions to see the complete results. 

Benefits of PRP Treatment

PRP treatments are effective procedures for combatting hair loss. Their benefits include:

  1. Hair growth promotion
  2. Economic
  3. Natural results
  4. Simple and quick
  5. A quick recovery period, no downtime

You should be aware of the side effects too. Although they rarely ever occur, PRP treatments might cause infection, nerve injury, and/or tissue damage at the injection site.

Mesotherapy Treatments

Mesotherapy procedures are very similar to the PRP treatments. They involve the injection of certain substances, just like the PRP treatments. However, the substance that the surgeon injects is different in mesotherapy sessions.

The mixture in mesotherapy treatments consists of vitamins, minerals, agents that block DHT, which is the hormone related to hair loss.

The benefits and the side effects of mesotherapy treatments are very similar to the ones of PRP treatments. 

Getting both of these treatments can maximize their benefits. These treatments might be what you are looking for if you are seeking a non-invasive, simple, and quick treatment for your hair loss. Contact us for further information about these treatments. We can gladly provide detailed information regarding these procedures as well as their prices.

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