Gynecomastia in Turkey

Turkey has become in the past few years an interesting destination for aesthetic procedures such as gynecomastia. The availability of expert doctors in breast reduction and body shaping has created a new temptation to have the best figure. Turkey and with it exceptional positioning made the accessibility to gynecomastia easy and fun. Nominated as the top 1 destination for touristic health activity, Turkey is the best solution for man breast reduction.  That is why it is a smart decision to choose gynecomastia surgery in Turkey.

Turkey offer the highest quality for a very reasonable price compared to the other breast aesthetics clinics around the world. 


Although this condition does not affect the general health of the patient, it has devastating effects on his psychology. The patient’s self-esteem and confidence drop rapidly with gynecomastia. And if left untreated, Having full breasts may be something desirable among the women, but it certainly is not among men. But if you would suffer from this condition called gynecomastia, you would have larger breasts than an average man. 

Gynecomastia Surgery may change the patient’s entire life. Let us explain this more with an example. A man who suffers from gynecomastia will most likely avoid all types of physical sports. This is not because he is not able to do sports, but because he does not want anyone to see his large breasts while changing his clothes. This is just one example of how it can make life much harder for men.

What is Gynecomastia?

If you are a male, but you have breasts that look disproportionate to the rest of your body, then you might be suffering from this condition. Gynecomastia is characterized by various symptoms. Some of these are:

  • Excessive fat around the breasts
  • Too thick breast skin
  • Sensitivity
  • Pain

You do not necessarily need to have all of these symptoms; the main symptom has large breasts. The type of it also depends on the cause of it. Sometimes it can be just a temporary swelling around the breasts or sometimes it is the way you were born. It is also possible for it to occur only on one breast instead of both. So, the way gynecomastia works differ from one man to another.

Either way, it is something extremely uncomfortable for men. But you do not need to worry. If you think you are suffering from gynecomastia, there are many solutions available for curing it. What you should do is to consult a doctor as soon as possible. 

Gynecomastia Surgery

When you want to get rid of the excess tissue around your breasts and regain your natural breasts, you have various treatment options. However, when none of the treatment methods yields effective results, gynecomastia surgery is definitely going to solve the problem.

This surgery is basically a breast reduction surgery. The surgeon performs various methods for reducing the size of the breasts. He can do this by liposuction or by removing the excess fat through incisions.

It is also possible to apply both of these methods in one operation. Your doctor will inform you that what is the best way for reducing the large size of your breasts. 

Gynecomastia Causes

Though it may differ from one man to another, there are some things that can possibly cause this uncomfortable condition. The most common gynecomastia causes are hormonal imbalance and side effects of certain medications. 

It is more common to encounter adolescents who suffer from it. Because the hormonal changes can be more extreme in the adolescence period. However, the size of the breasts should naturally return to normal after some time. If it does not, this indicates that you are suffering from gynecomastia.

Some medications or recreational drugs can also cause hormonal imbalances which lead to gynecomastia. So, if you are using any medications that affect your estrogen and testosterone levels, you might want to take a break (after consulting your doctor) and see if the size of your breasts will get back to normal over time.

Gynecomastia Treatment

After you realize that you suffer from gynecomastia, you will naturally search for ways to get rid of it. There is a couple of things you can try and see if it works. Sometimes the gynecomastia treatment is giving it time to disappear. But if this does not happen, then you need to look for solutions that will help you fix this situation and regain your natural looks.

If a medication is causing your breast to get larger, you can ask a doctor if you can stop taking it and take a substitute instead.

When the symptoms of gynecomastia get severe, it can cause pain to the patient, and it has to be treated as soon as possible. Gynecomastia surgery is going to help the patient overcome this problem once and for all. Even if all the other methods fail, the surgery never does.

Gynecomastia Costs

Gynecomastia is basically a breast reduction operation for men. 

There may be a few aspects that determine the price of gynecomastia operations:

  • medication usage
  • experience of the doctor
  • anesthesia usage

Gynecomastia Cost In Turkey

Male breast reduction has become a frequent operation in the past few years especially in Turkey. Due to infrastructure circumstances, Gynecomastia is cheap compared to the UK and USA. The years of expertise and the huge number of facilities have created a competitive cost for Turkey and attracted visitors all from around the world. Going beyond the operation itself, clinics and hospitals are offering all-inclusive packages and focusing on luxurious services to satisfy their visitors While undergoing their transformation. 

If you are interested in gynecomastia and you are looking for a personalized package, you can reach us for more detailed information and price tag. We offer VIP packages that suit your budget and exceed your expectations.


Am I a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia is a solution for men who have failed any other medical treatments or sport exercise to lose the extra fat around the breast. Also, before undergoing the operation, you need to make sure that you are not presented with any form of illness that can jeopardize your life.

How to lose man boobs?

Man boobs are not an issue any more. If you have chosen sport as a solution and it didn't help you lose the excess fat and tissues, a surgical solution is an option for you. Gynecomastia is a breast aesthetic practice designed for man to reduce and reshape the breast in a natural form.

Gynecomastia Operations Card


Duration of Operation 1-3 Hours 
Anesthesia Type General 
First Shower 48 Hours 
Age Limit None 
Hospitalize None 
Pain Threshold Moderated
Edema Status 1-2 Weeks 
Complications None 
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