Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical operation that removes excess fat or tissue from the breasts of the patient. However, most women desire to have larger breasts because they find it better that way. 

But for some women, the size of the breasts can be so large that they look disproportionate to their bodies. It can also be uncomfortable to do sports or sometimes even perform very simple tasks when you have very big breasts.

If you are a woman who has extremely large breasts and you do not feel good about this situation, you can choose the reduction mammoplasty. Today, a lot of women from different ages undergo this type of surgery all around the world. The operation is going to have a substantial amount of positive effects on your self-esteem and your physical comfort.

Breast Reduction

Although having large breasts may be highly desired by some women, sometimes disproportionately large breasts may cause discomfort to the woman. It can be so extreme to cause issues like back pain or neck pain. 

Large breasts are not only a problem for the women, though. Some men suffer from a condition which we call gynecomastia. This condition results with having large breasts even though you are a male. But do not worry, if you are a man and you need a reduction mammoplasty for any reason, you should know that men are also suitable for this procedure.

Satisfaction rates are quite high after reduction mammoplasty. Most of the patients say that they felt great relief and a huge boost to their confidence after the operation. It may sound like cosmetic surgery for some people. But generally, it is reconstructive surgery, and it is necessary for the patient’s well being.

Breast Reduction Surgery

To put it in simple words, the breast reduction surgery is for removing the excess of tissue and/or fat from the patient’s breasts. And at the end of the operation, the patient gets  to have smaller breasts that are proportionate to the rest of their bodies.

There is more than one way to perform the reduction mammoplasty. It depends on your situation and the doctor’s decision. The doctor is going to choose the most suitable method for reducing the size of your breasts. 

Sometimes the surgeons use liposuction for removing the excess of fat inside the breasts. This would basically make it a liposuction procedure. But it can also be a surgery through incisions. Whatever your doctor sees fit, you should be ready for it. And do not forget to follow your doctor’s instructions. If you do something wrong before the surgery, you can undermine the success of the operation. 

Breast Reduction Turkey 

The patients who undergo breast reduction surgery in Turkey usually talk about:

  • Kind and professional clinic employees
  • Skilful surgeons with years of experience
  • Affordable prices
  • Advanced surgery rooms

All this positive feedback from the patients makes it sound like a great idea to have a breast reduction operation in Turkey.

Breast Reduction Costs

The cost of breast reduction surgery mostly depends on a variety of factors. One of the most important things while determining the price of the operation is the needs of the patient. 

Without seeing the patient and deciding on what kind of a breast reduction surgery she is going to receive, it is not possible to tell the price. Therefore, you should consult a clinic to see what is the best option for you. You should also keep in mind that the breast reduction cost could differ from one patient to another. 

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