Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid Surgery, Eyes are one of the most important parts of our bodies. Like many other parts, they also have magnificently complex structures, and it becomes vital to protect them. Eyelids, together with the eyebrows, eyelashes, and their composition does this protection work for us. 

Eyes not only in means of function but also in means of aesthetics are essential for everybody. This makes eyelids very important too. So, any problem regarding them is a big one for us. Yet, thanks to advances in medical technology, most of the problems we have about eyelids is easily solvable with eyelid surgery

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is a surgical process, in which you can have any restoration or modification on your eyelids. It allows the correction of any deformation on your upper and lower eyelids, extraction of the excess muscle, fat and skin tissue in and around the eyelids, and removing eye bags and wrinkles. However, there are a number of types of eyelid surgery. In this sense, you can find operations like double eyelid surgery, upper eyelid surgery in Turkish clinics.

Furthermore, even if you look for more specific operations like lower eyelid surgery and droopy eyelid surgery, plastic surgeons can help you with their expertise.

The first most important part of any medical operation is actually, not the operation itself, but the examination part before the operation. Any experienced surgeon would know this and should want a detailed medical history of yours. 

Please, don’t hide anything and make sure you didn’t skip any details. Your current medical condition may affect both the operation that it also leads to harder difficulties and the success rate of the operation. You should also talk about your expectations and hesitations. So, the first rule is being open to your surgeon and doing everything as he or she says.

The second one is the examination part. The doctors complete this part in three steps. In the first step, the experts will check your eyelids. By doing this, they can define the problem. Afterwards, your surgeon examines your visual capability. 

Some people need eyelid surgery due to the fact that their eyelids prevent your eyes from seeing. So, surgeons need to assert the specifications with a visual examination. 

The final step is the one that they take photographs of your eyelids in order to plan the surgery. 

This process, like many others, requires anaesthesia. You can have local or general anaesthesia according to your needs and the specifications of the surgery. Your age and medical status will also help us to determine this phase. 

Double Eyelid Surgery 

Double eyelid is the physical condition in which crease in the skin of the upper eyelids causes a formation of a second eyelid. This, of course, isn’t a genuine eyelid. Nevertheless, it is, as known to be seen in the Asian people mostly, almost like a second eyelid, and may cause some discomfort for the people who suffer from it. 

In double eyelid surgery, after the anaesthesia, your surgeon will remove the excess fat and skin tissue in your upper eyelid that causes the creases through small incision he opened on your eyelid. 

Once the surgeon completes the extraction, they do any aesthetical corrections if there’s a need. Finally, they stitch the incision on your eyelids and then the operation is complete.

Droopy Eyelid Surgery 

Droopy eyelids are also known as ptosis or blepharoptosis. It is the medical condition where your upper eyelid is lower when you open your eyes than expected. 

As you get older, the muscles supporting your eyelids weaken. It can be in only one eyelid or in both. Droopy eyelids don’t constitute a danger immediately. However, in severe cases, you can lose your sight, since eyelids obstruct your eyes. 

The surgeons, similar to the double eyelid surgery, uses an incision to work through on your eyelid. Your doctor will operate on the muscles, nerves, veins and other tissue in your eyelid that cause your eyelids to droop, and supports the debilitated muscles that hold your eyelids.

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery 

Besides the double and droopy eyelids, there are many other types of eyelid deformation. The experienced surgeons can help you solve the problems regarding your eyelids. These problems might be in your upper or lower eyelid, or either in your one eye or in both. 

Procedures in the beginning and at the end of the operation are the same as we explained above. When the doctors operate on your upper eyelid, they open the incisions on your eyelid, just below your eyebrows. If, on the other hand, the doctors will operate on your lower eyelid, they open the incision on your lower eyelid just below your eye leash.  

 Why Is Blepharoplasty Done?

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a cosmetic operation to remove the excess skin and fat in the upper and the lower eyelid. It aims to eliminate the puffiness under the eye and to reshape the eye for a youthful look.

Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor will advise you on which type of blepharoplasty you should get. Either blepharoplasty for upper eyelid, blepharoplasty for lower lid or blepharoplasty for all. Also in some cases, eyebrow lift operation can be added to get almond eye, cat-eye or fox eye. Plus a laser or thermotherapy can be applied to get rid of the darkness around the eyes. 

Blepharoplasty is a solution to look young and fresh. While the operation can take 2-4 hours, the recovery process is extending to 14 days and the results are permanent. 

After the Surgery 

First things first, don’t forget what we said and listen to your doctor. After the surgery, there will be inevitable things that you will suffer from. Ask the doctor about what you should expect, what is normal, and in which cases you have to call your doctor. 

The most probable things that you will experience temporarily are:

  • Sensitivity to light, sunlight especially 
  • You may find it hard to control your eyelids. Please don’t push them too hard
  • Disturbances in your vision
  • Swelling and bruising

Try avoiding any extra activity that might tire your eyelids after the surgery. 

How to Qualify for Eyelid Surgery in Turkey ?

So, you want to undergo an eyelid surgery but want to know if you are suitable for it or not. Simply, you can have this operation if you have no:

  • bleeding disorder
  • allergies to anaesthetic substances
  • age problem (being too young or old).

The most common people who undergo eyelid surgery is about 30 years old. Yet, health is not a thing about age. So, in an acute problem, such as injuries, you can undergo an eyelid surgery no matter your age is. 

Your doctor may ask for you to stop using certain medicine and smoking for the week before the operation. This is because some medicine causes thinning of your blood, and this is a risky condition for any surgical operation. 

Smoke is also a problem because it irritates the eyes and watering, for example, as a defence reaction to this, might make it impossible to have a successful operation. 

Blepharoplasty Process in Turkey

Turkey is one of the top destination points for cosmetic surgeries. For any future patient from any other country in the world, we offer the most inclusive and the most comprehensive packages. These packages include:

  • hotel accommodation 
  • hospital stay
  • transportation
  • possible discounts for group bookings 
  • a detailed examination before the operation 

Since most of the patients from abroad prefer Turkey for eyelid surgery, we also have a significant number of experienced surgeons. You may not want to miss a chance like this. 

Eyelid Surgery Cost in Turkey 

Due to low living costs and the high exchange rate between the Turkish Lira and USD or Euro, it is inexpensive for a patient from abroad to have different types of eyelid surgery in Turkey. Even when your other expenses like transportation and accommodation, it is still much lower than it costs in other countries. 

Depending on the specifics of your condition, which your doctor will determine the examination process in detail.

Any additional fees may affect the cost. Hence, talk about the price and the payment method with your clinic beforehand.

Am I a good candidate for blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a not safe procedure, if one of these cases are presented: *If you suffer from a noticeable uneven eyes, it can make it worst *If your eyebrows are droopy, in this case it is advisable to get eyebrow lift * If you suffer from eye infection or other diseases * If you are showing Symptoms of dry eye. With the help of your doctor, you will choose which solution is suitable for your case that gives you satisfactory results.

How long will the results last?

Eyelid Procedure is a permanent solution for eyelid problems. The results can last up to 20 years which probably won’t need revision.

Is it worth getting eyelid surgery?

Of course. Caring the droopy eyelid gives you a sad look which can affect work relation and sociability. First impressions are what matter nowadays. Having puffy eyes with unwanted looks can badly affect your mood, lifestyle, work and eventually your happiness.

Blepharoplasty Operation Card

Duration of Operation 2-4 hours
Anesthesia Type Local 
First Shower After 5 days 
Age Limit No limit 
Hospitalize None 
Pain Threshold Minimum 
Oedema Status 14 days 
Scar None
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