What Age Can You Get a Nose Job?

What Age Can You Get a Nose Job?

An unproportionate nose might be a source of insecurity. Plus, it might also obstruct breathing, which, in turn, decreases the quality of life significantly. A nose job aesthetic operation can aid you in times like these. Especially teenagers, who are unhappy with their newly shaped nose, start to look at their options in rhinoplasty.

In this article, we are going to talk about the age limits of rhinoplasty. We will provide answers for questions such as “can a 17 year old get nose job” and “what is the upper age limit for nose surgery.” If you are also wondering about the answers to these questions, then read on!

Can a 17-Year-Old Get Rhinoplasty?

In rhinoplasty, the general lower limit is usually 18 years old. This is because the nose generally takes its final shape and the facial features settle around this age. However, in some special cases (such as breathing problems, nasal deformities, etc.), this age limit can change. If the person has parental consent and the doctor believes that the surgery will not cause any problems, rhinoplasty can be performed at the age of 17.

17-year-olds who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose should remember that their facial features are not yet fully settled, and nasal development is not complete. While nose growth stops at the age of 18 for some individuals, for others it can continue until their late 20s. A nose that appears disproportionate can look perfectly proportionate when the facial features have fully settled.

Upper Age Limit in Rhinoplasty

It can be said that there is no specific upper age limit for rhinoplasty. However, individuals aged 65 and older may have various health conditions that can lead to complications during the operation. Therefore, it is highly important for individuals in this age group to undergo a medical examination and obtain approval from a professional before having rhinoplasty. Collaborating with the doctor and providing all necessary information will help the patient obtain the healthiest advice as soon as possible.

Cosmetic Surgery in Adolescence

Most cosmetic surgeries have an age limit, usually around 18. Doctors generally do not recommend cosmetic surgery for individuals during adolescence because they have not yet completed their development. Muscles and bones usually settle after the age of 18. Therefore, body and facial proportions may become apparent later in life. A face that appears disproportionate during adolescence can appear perfectly proportionate in the twenties. 

Of course, these are mostly applicable to cosmetic procedures. There are individuals under the age of 18 who undergo surgeries such as rhinoplasty. If there is approval from a doctor due to any health problems, cosmetic surgery can be performed during adolescence. The doctor will conduct necessary tests before the operation to provide proper guidance. You can easily reach ClinicExpert via WhatsApp for your questions about rhinoplasty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who cannot get nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a frequently performed operation, but since it is a surgical procedure, it is not recommended for those with diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions. Understanding the risks and limitations of the surgery is crucial.

What age can I have rhinoplasty?

Generally, the minimum age for rhinoplasty is 18. However, this age limit may vary for some special cases. For example, in cases of breathing problems or congenital nasal deformities, rhinoplasty can be performed at the age of 16-17 with parental consent and approval from the doctor.

Will getting rhinoplasty at 17 affect my facial features?

Yes, the facial features of a 17-year-old individual may not be fully developed yet. Therefore, after rhinoplasty, when the facial features are more settled, the nose may appear more proportional and harmonious.

Can cosmetic surgery be performed during adolescence?

Cosmetic surgeries are not recommended during adolescence, typically between the ages of 14 and 16, because the body may not have completed its development. However, surgeries can be performed during adolescence if the individual has serious health problems and the doctor approves.

Is there an upper age limit for rhinoplasty?

There is generally no upper age limit for rhinoplasty. However, some health issues commonly observed in individuals aged 65 and older may increase the risk of surgery. Therefore, it is important for older individuals to undergo medical examination before the operation.

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