E-Max Veneers

E-Max Veneers

When you need a crown on a tooth that appears prominently in your smile, you want to make sure that the crown looks as natural as possible. E-max veneers are a revolutionary solution for a natural smile. Based on 100% porcelain, Emax veneers can be used in cases where cutting teeth, cuspid teeth, and small coted teeth.

This means that they are less likely to crack, chip or break. When cared for properly, they have the potential to last for decades – and possibly a lifetime! E-max veneers look more natural than traditional porcelain or zirconium because the material is slightly translucent, just like natural tooth enamel. This gives the crown a more natural look. They can also be tinted to match the color of your natural teeth to a point that so even from a close-up, no one will be able to tell that your Emax crown is not a natural tooth!

What Is the Composition of E-Max?

It is a homogeneous lithium bisilicate porcelain that provides an outstanding aesthetic and precise compatibility for patients with defective teeth. Doctors and patients certify that E-max veneers offer high high-quality outcomes. Moreover, this adjustment allows you to work in accordance with the requirements of conservative dentistry. Depending on the patient’s case, restorations may be clad in a very aesthetic way. This is where E-max veneers really shine! Their natural transparency adds an extra level of depth to their natural appearance, allowing them to appear just like real teeth even up close.

The material’s outstanding performance is based on a combination of excellent bending strength and high fracture toughness adjusted to specific dental requirements, and with E-max, you can offer your patients beautiful restorations that exhibit high mechanical strength. Emax crowns provide more than enough durability for your front teeth and look just like natural teeth, so they are an ideal solution for your front teeth. Not only do they blend into your smile, they actively contribute to the beauty of your smile!

Its unique installation also provides a medium flexural strength of 500 MPa. It makes it the ideal high strength solution for anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, inlays, fillings, screw implant crowns, and three-module anterior bridges, or restorations using  small dimensional preparation.

Am I Suitable for E-Max Veneers?

Emax is an excellent combination of beauty as well as strength to repair such teeth, in a way that you will say goodbye to stained teeth with this installation. For those who have stained teeth, these all-porcelain fittings are highly transparent and have excellent resistance to fracture.  The crooked front teeth are strong candidates for Emax, and filled teeth are also candidates because they tend to become brittle.

Advantages of the E-Max Formula

One of the best options for restoring your front teeth, long-term success and scientifically documented results.

Less likely to crack or break

The unsightly gray line of the base mineral will not be visible at the gum lines, and the formula will look exactly like your natural teeth.

They are more transparent than zirconia crowns so that they match your natural teeth

Ideal for restoration of front teeth in particular.

Strength and durability as it is made of lithium disilicate, which is a vitreous ceramic and has excellent strength.

How to Install the E-Max Veneers ?

The formula can be prepared quickly and easily in the dental office.

Your dentist will first prepare your teeth by removing a thin layer of the natural tooth structure.

Next, an impression will be made of your teeth with the help of an intraoral camera.

This installation is then transmitted to a computer that controls the grinding actions. Then your dentist matches the shade of the crown with your natural teeth.

Finally, a milling machine cuts the homogeneous mass of the lithium disilicate to produce the desired shape of the prosthesis.

Since the formula is highly strong because it is one single block.

Next, your dentist will adjust the e-max veneers to your tooth. He will make any subtle adjustments if necessary, and stick it to your teeth.

Eventually, you get a great smile with no waiting period or multiple appointments, or unpleasant temporary teeth.

Why Should You Choose Turkey for E-Max?

To make their patients happy, Turkish dentists do their best. Hotel stays and online tests are just a few of the options that dentists give to their clients. Affordable and trustworthy, getting help from a dentist in Turkey is available for all budget levels. Facilities with cutting-edge technology allow you to take advantage of high-quality services.

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