DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is one of the most popular methods to treat hair loss. The most distinctive feature of the technique is Choi pens. Therefore, Choi method is another name for this technique. They have very thin, sharp tips. Thanks to these special pens, hair grooving and transplantation happens simultaneously. Specialists place the hair follicles one by one. The placement is an extremely delicate process. 

At this point, the doctor implants the hair follicles at the most appropriate angle of 40-45 degrees. Apart from the angle, another important aspect is the right direction following the previous hairline.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey 

Turkey is one of the first countries that apply direct hair transplant in the world. It offers an excellent option for both men and women who experience severe hair loss. DHI method gives the closest results to natural hair. It also offers high speed of healing. The technique became a preferred one in Turkey. Direct hair transplant method eliminates this troublesome process of hair transplant.

DHI Hair Transplant Costs 

Direct hair transplantation costs may be higher than a typical hair transplant. The main reason for this is the disposable pens used during the application. In DHI, operations have a higher number of technicians and nurses. Precise placement of the pens without waiting for the hair follicles may require more crowded teamwork.

DHI Hair Transplant vs FUE 

Choi pen

The DHI method also includes the use of FUE method for the collection of grafts. In this technique, grooving and placement of the grafts take place simultaneously with the special pens. This pen helps the opening of the channel and the placement of the hair follicle at the same time.

One of the most important differences of direct hair transplant method is to allow hair to transplant without shaving. Especially in narrow areas, direct hair transplant is an effective method. Since the transfer of hair follicles happen within 1-2 minutes, the hair follicles cannot stay outside the body. Therefore, it reduces the damage to the hair follicles to a great extent.

DHI Hair Transplant Results 

In DHI, the doctor determines the angles and depths of the hair follicles more easily with a single move. This accelerates the recovery time for natural-looking hair. Direct hair transplant results are usually more successful than other methods

DHI Hair Transplant Advantages 

  • It minimizes the time of hair follicles to stay out of the tissue for healthy follicles.
  • The preservation of hair follicles is easier.
  • There will be almost no incision. 
  • Faster recovery is possible after the operation so that the patient can quickly return to his daily routine in a short time.

DHI Hair Transplant Disadvantages 

  • The method is very sensitive and requires extreme attention. This increases the cost of the technique.
  • To use this technique well, both the physician and the team should go through a serious training period.


When can I resume my daily activities after DHI hair transplant?

It depends on the technique that has been used in the surgery. For example, DHI offers a minimum recovery process, up to 4-5 days to resume office work and 10 days to resume outdoor work.

Am I a suitable candidate for Hair transplant ?

It depends on the donor area and your hair loss pattern. Of course, you need a doctor’s consultation to explain your exact situation, how many grafts, total coverage, expectation and aftercare.

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