DHI Pro Hair Transplant

DHI PRO Hair Transplant

DHI PRO Hair Transplant, Direct Hair Implantation is an application that has become widespread in recent years. According to hair specialists, DHI technique is a separate hair transplant method as it involves different stages of transplantation. In operation, between 2 and 6 Choi pens and 15-16 Choi tips take place. These pens can have different sizes. More than one specialists operate to reduce the time and for a successful transplant. However, this increases the cost of the operation to a great extent.

It is a well-known fact that hair transplant in Turkey has a more favourable price by 80% of hair transplant operations prices all around the world. Furthermore, quality is at the highest levels. Not surprisingly, Turkey has attracted large numbers of people from the Middle East, America and Europe.  

What about the DHI prices?

Many different factors affect the DHI hair transplant costs such as the graft number, the characteristics of the hair and preferences of patients. Prices may increase as the number of grafts increases. It is important to remember that the location or policy of the hair transplant centre is an important aspect. Besides, the prices may increase according to the additional services such as medication, PRP or excess hair transplantation.

As mentioned above, the number of grafts is an essential criterion in determining the price. However, some clinics may suggest more grafts to their clients to increase the costs. We completely against this procedure. In accordance with our honest policy, we are in favour of transplanting the adequate number of grafts for excellent results. 

DHI results and cost relationship

This method requires mastery and Turkey has capable and experienced doctors for this application. DHI provides the closest results to natural hair, although it is a relatively new technique. In professional clinics, doctors ensure that people are happy with the service they receive and the results of this method. Therefore, DHI hair transplant cost can be higher in some clinics.

Usually, DHI gives more natural and successful results compared to other methods. However, angles of hair follicles profoundly affect the concept of naturalness in DHI hair transplant. An experienced doctor with capable hands can place the hair follicles easily in a short period. Therefore, in a professional clinic, your hair will look more natural, and the healing time will decrease. The most important aspect for a hair transplant operation is the healing period and the success of the procedure.

Since the method is more complicated and delicate than others, the process is at higher levels in terms of wages. Specialists should place the hair follicles one by one. Therefore, a bunch of doctors, nurses and hair specialists perform the operation. However, the number of sessions is less than other methods. Considering the cost – effect relationship, DHI is a perfect method for those who want successful results.

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