About Us

Clinicexpert; is an international health tourism company that aims to bring its patients together with the right treatment methods and reliable health institutions. As Clinicexpert, with our expert staff, to our guests who are looking for health solutions; We offer many center options that offer advanced technology and reliable treatment.

We base the doctors and medical centers we work with to provide high standards of service. It diversifies accommodation options, to our patients; We offer service options in different segments, including standard, special and VIP.

Our priority is to analyze the needs of our patients correctly and to provide them with the service they desire internationally in this direction. As a leading company in its field, we are expanding our service network day by day with the service quality we provide and the goal of continuous improvement.

Our Quality Policy

  • We offer service in line with national and international quality standards.
  • We continuously follow new practices and support development through in-service training.
  • We increase the quality of life of the society based on the principle of maximum satisfaction in the environment of trust, which is our priority.
  • We are focusing on service that fits the bill.
  • We continuously improve the service we offer without sacrificing from quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the quality of healthcare services, based on high performing system defined by international norms. With cutting-edge technologies, we are able to introduce new practices and perform the best results to the world. Our perseverance in excellence created an environment of trust and comfort to our visitors by adhering to our ethical values to a human-focused approach.

The advantage of Turkey’s infrastructure, Clinicexpert defines accessibility of health care to everyone despite resources, location, and language.

Our Vision

We aim to reach your satisfaction by being the leading brand in Healthcare services in Turkey and worldwide.


Certificate and Quality

We offer service in line with national and international quality standards.

Technology 100%
Satisfaction 100%
Expertise 100%
Hygiene 100%
Trust 100%
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