How Can You Drink Enough Water after Surgery?

After undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery, patients all transition to a new lifestyle. This can be scary at times. Yet, this is the path to happiness that will lead you to the results you want. Hence, it is important to be motivated to adapt to your dietary. And drinking enough water is a big part of your new diet. One of the basic instructions after surgery is to stay well hydrated. This means drinking at least 64 ounces (about 1.9 liters) of water a day.

Why Is Drinking Water that Vital?

First, it is essential to understand exactly why hydration is so vital after gastric sleeve surgery. Especially water intake. Water helps prevent dehydration. And not only that, it also facilitates digestion, aids nutrient absorption and keeps your body functioning at its best. Dehydration can lead to serious complications such as kidney stones, constipation and even hospitalization.

Start Slow and Steady

Gradual Increase: Begin by sipping small amounts of water throughout the day. Immediately after surgery, your stomach’s capacity is significantly reduced, so start with a teaspoon of water every 15 minutes and gradually increase the amount as tolerated.

Use a Measured Water Bottle: Investing in a water bottle with measurements can help you track your intake and ensure you’re gradually increasing your water consumption to reach your daily goal.

Be Mindful of Timing

Stop Drinking During Meals: Drinking fluids with meals can cause your stomach to fill too quickly, leading to discomfort and potentially flushing food through your stomach too fast. Aim to stop drinking 30 minutes before meals and wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you resume drinking water.

Sip, Don’t Gulp: Sipping water slowly throughout the day helps prevent overfilling your stomach and promotes better absorption. Gulping can introduce excess air, leading to discomfort and bloating.

Choose Your Beverages Wisely

Water: While staying hydrated is the goal, not all fluids are created equal. Water should be your primary source of hydration. Avoid carbonated beverages, caffeine, and sugary drinks, as they can dehydrate you and irritate your stomach.

Flavor Your Water: If you find plain water unappealing, consider adding a splash of natural flavor using cucumber, lemon, or berries. This can make drinking water more enjoyable without adding significant calories or sugar.

Listen to Your Body

Recognize Signs of Dehydration: Symptoms such as dark-colored urine, dry mouth, fatigue, and dizziness signal dehydration. If you notice these signs, increase your water intake and contact your healthcare provider if symptoms persist.

Adjust to Activity Level: Your hydration needs increase with physical activity. If you’re exercising or spending time in hot weather, you may need to drink more than 64 ounces of water to compensate for the additional loss of fluids through sweat.

Benefit from Technology

Use Apps: Several smartphone apps can help you track your water intake. These can be especially helpful in reminding you to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day.

Set Alarms: Alarms or timers can be set as reminders to take a few sips of water, ensuring you’re consistently hydrating throughout the day without feeling overwhelmed.

Staying hydrated after gastric sleeve surgery is the cornerstone of your recovery and long-term health. By including these tips in your daily routine, you can reach your goals without discomfort. Remember, each person’s body reacts differently after surgery; so listen to your body and adjust as needed. Consult your healthcare provider for more.

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