What Happens to Your Belly Button during a Tummy Tuck? 

Being overweight or pregnancy causes excess skin and subcutaneous fat tissue or stretching of muscle tissue. Loosening can cause a strong wrinkling of the skin or ‘oil apron’. Sometimes the fat bib is accompanied by physical complaints such as back problems. It can also irritate the skin if it overlaps. A tummy tuck can improve these cases. The plastic surgeon removes the excess skin from the abdomen. However, a tummy tuck does not mean losing extra weight. If you consider having a tummy tuck procedure, You may want to know how does it affect the belly button.

Does a Tummy Tuck Change Your Belly Button?

In fact, most of the time, tummy tuck surgery does not change the belly button. Because the main concern of the operation is not with the belly button itself, but with the skin around it.

Following the repair of weakened abdominal muscles, the surgeon carefully repositions the abdominal skin, creating a smoother and flatter appearance. During this process, when the surgeon gently stretches the abdominal skin downward, the navel may naturally close. To ensure that the belly button remains intact and looking natural, a fresh incision in the skin becomes necessary. Through this opening, the surgeon carefully guides the belly button and skillfully secures it in place with precision stitches.

When opting for a mini tummy tuck, the focus is solely on addressing the lower abdomen, without any interference with or repositioning of the belly button. This technique is designed for patients whose concerns are primarily confined to the area beneath the navel, leaving the belly button unaffected and in its original position.

Before and After Pictures

An unmistakable indicator of an unsatisfactory tummy tuck result is when the repositioned belly button (umbilicus) appears unnatural. A skilled plastic surgeon aims to achieve a balanced position, avoiding extremes of being too high or too low, while ensuring that the navel retains a naturally petite size. Furthermore, the surgeon takes great care to conceal any scarring, keeping it discreetly internal, away from sight.


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