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What is an Asymmetrical Breast?

Breast asymmetry is the different shape and size of one breast compared to the other. In fact, this condition is quite common among women. In most women, this asymmetry or deformity is not noticeable. Just as our two eyebrows or our two eyes are not exactly the same, this is also true for our breasts. Therefore, many women can go through life without realizing this problem. However, in advanced cases, this difference can be noticeable.

Why is One of My Breasts Bigger than the Other?

There are many different underlying causes of breast asymmetry, including genetic and natural factors. For example, changes in the developmental process can lead to breast asymmetry. During puberty, breast tissues grow and develop at different speeds, leading to deformed breasts.

Hormonal changes, especially during puberty, menstrual periods, fertility and menopause, also affect the size and shape of breast tissue.

Can Breast Asymmetry Occur During Breastfeeding?

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding lead to major changes in the female body. It is quite normal to notice some changes in your breasts, especially after breastfeeding. During this period, breast enlargement, sagging and related deformities are observed. In mothers who breastfeed their babies with one breast, greater deformations occur after the breastfeeding period.

Treatment Methods for Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry and deformities negatively affect a person’s private life. Self-confidence problems may occur due to this reason. In addition, if there is a serious sagging and asymmetry, the person will also have problems finding clothes. Fortunately, this can be easily corrected with surgery.

Treatment methods are determined by the surgeon depending on the health status of the person, the degree of deformity, the patient’s health history and personal preferences. Treatment options include breast implant surgery, breast reduction or lift surgery, liposuction, fat transfer and breast reconstruction.

How is Asymmetric Breast Surgery Performed?

Breast asymmetry correction surgeries fall under the specialty of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. These surgeries are performed with different methods such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift or fat injection. For example, breast augmentation prostheses or fat injections are used for patients who want to reduce the difference between breast sizes. Breast lift surgeries can be considered for those who have breast sagging. It is also possible to apply different techniques to correct conditions such as pectoral muscle underdevelopment caused by breast asymmetry. If there is sagging or asymmetry in the breasts caused by growth, a reduction operation is needed. In this operation, no prosthesis is used because the size of the breasts is equalized by removing excess breast tissue. Therefore, no additional procedure is required.

As a result, breast asymmetry can only be corrected surgically. But the method to be used for this depends on the patient. If you are suffering from this condition, contact our expert health consultants immediately at +902128001201. Find out the details of the treatment and your options!

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