Men's Hair Transplant Surgery

Men’s Hair Transplant Surgery. Men’s hair transplant surgery is one of the most sought-after subjects of plastic surgery and provides numerous clinical services in this area worldwide. Of course, hair transplant surgery has different protocols, as well as different application qualities. Because of this, it would be more accurate to know about this issue and to attempt to get services after that. Currently, people pay great attention to their appearance. The first appearance has become quite important in business and social life. One of the most important points in our appearance is our hair. Having plump, clean, and shiny hair is among the first steps of a beautiful exterior.

As urban life became widespread and stress increased, the problem of hair loss began to appear more often, especially among men. With the advancement of medical science, this problem has been largely eliminated. With hair transplant surgery, men can get rid of the problem of baldness in a short time. If you care for your hair before and after men’s hair transplant surgery, you will get impressive results if you follow the doctor’s advice.

What is the Ideal Age For Men’s Hair Transplant Surgery?

Research has proven that hair loss stops after the age of 40. For this reason, some men wait until the age of 40 for their hair to fall out and they prefer to do this process. Some men, on the other hand, prefer to eliminate the problem by immediately intervening in this situation. In other words, the age range for men’s hair transplant surgery is between 25 and 45 years old. Meanwhile, the most common ages are 27 to 37. These pages are followed by men between the ages of 40 and 45. But there is no specific age for hair transplant surgery. Men of all ages can have a hair transplant operation. Before and after the operation, you must follow the recommendations of your doctor.

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Men’s Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure

All hair transplant surgery methods have basic stages that are common. Men’s hair transplant surgery consists of three basic stages as collecting hair follicles, opening channels, and planting hair follicles. Hair follicles are collected by the back of the head and between the two ears. In the classic method, hair follicles are collected by surgery, while in other methods, they are performed without leaving a trace from the back of your head with the help of needles. In the last step, the hair is planted in the channels that open at the right angles. The most commonly preferred method is DHI hair transplant (Direct Hair Implant). The process is completed with angles of about 40-45 degrees. Each of these stages also has its subtleties.

After Men’s Hair Transplant Surgery

After men’s hair transplant surgery, the healing process of wounds begins. Already the hair transplant process takes one year in general, including pre-preparation and healing process. The first step after the operation is the formation of redness and the retention of the shell. Hair transplantation, hair strands are removed one by one and placed in the channels that open, bleeding will occur and wounds will also occur. In other words, this process after the operation is perfectly normal. There is no need to panic if you are involved in such a process. These formed shells will be completely shed between 10 and 15 days. Then the shock shedding process begins. In this process, the remaining parts of the planted hair on the skin will fall out and new hair roots will begin to form.

After the procedure, your hair will come out at the end of the one year process. If you go through this process well, the chances of your hair coming out will be even higher.

Men’s Hair Transplant Surgery Results

For the first two months after the procedure, the hair stems of the hair follicles are shed. From the third month, new hair bodies begin to grow. At the end of the sixth month, new hair will come out by 70 to 80%. The remaining hair, which will complement the ratio of 90 to 99% in total, will come out at the end of the other six-month period. During the period when your hair begins to grow, you can care for your hair with support products. Your hair, which has come out, will grow by nature, and is completely permanent.

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