Hair Growth Surgery

Hair growth surgery is one of the most performed cosmetic surgery operations in recent years. Due to genetic factors, too much processing, and external factors, hair can be lost without return. Hair loss or baldness affects people psychologically in a negative way. This condition also causes a lack of self-confidence.

Thanks to advanced technology, hair roots are taken from the person’s body are planted in the area without hair, and the state of baldness disappears. Before surgery, you will be examined by a doctor. Your non-Hair areas and donor areas are determined. Usually, the preferred area is the one with the nape and two back ears. The first step of the process is the collection of grafts. Local anesthesia is applied to the donor area and collected using a special device.

What is Surgery Techniques?

During hair growth surgery, about 5000 grafts can be transplanted at a time. After the procedure, your doctor gives the necessary recommendations about the care that should be applied. Another session can be applied about 6 months after the procedure. Two techniques are popularly preferred for Hair growth surgery. These are DHI and FUE techniques. Your doctor will decide which technique to apply.

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How is  Surgery Done?

  • The most important aspect that affects the natural appearance in the hair growth surgery procedure is the correct determination of the front hairline. The front hairline is determined by taking into account The Shape of the patient’s face, The Shape of the area to be applied, the distance between the lower end of the jaw and the nose, and the nose of the eyebrow.
  • The front hairline starts from 7 to 11 cm above the two eyebrow lines.
  • The channels that will open to the front hairline should be opened so that they make a narrow-angle with the skin surface, and the direction of this angle should also be forward.
  • From the front of the head, the angles of the channels should be increased as they go backward.
  • The intersection points of the front hairline with the corners of the forehead should be narrowly angled.
  • The depths of the channels to be opened should not be less or more than normal. The width of the channels should be consistent with the thickness of the grafts. The depths of the channels should be equal to the length of the graft. If the channels are short relative to the length of the graft, the upper part of the graft placed in the canal remains outside the skin surface. In this case, the graft will be more exposed to environmental effects. The thickness of the grafts planted and the thickness of the channels should also be the same. If the channel thickness is less than the graft thickness, the image’s naturalness is impaired.
  • The return places of the hair in the Hill area will also be well adjusted. In short, channels for a permanent and natural image open at the appropriate angle, direction, and depth. These channels that open, grafts are placed by your doctor without errors.

In addition to your doctor’s experience in hair growth surgery, dexterity, and design ability are also important. Within 6 months, 80% of the applied roots will have new hair. 100% completion and extension of output are completed in 1 year. After this process, traces of the operation are also lost.

Who can Have a Hair Growth Surgery?

Hair growth surgery is a procedure with successful results. There are technical and personal factors that lead to success. For people who have reached a certain level of hair loss, the shedding has completely stopped, and have a donor area, this procedure is extremely convenient. Some preparations should be made before Hair growth surgery. If these preparations are completed completely, they provide a great advantage during and after the process. You can contact us for more detailed information.

How to Take Care of Hair After a Hair Growth Surgery?

To prevent damage to hair follicles planted after Hair growth surgery;

  • For the first few days, it is necessary to avoid activities that will make the scalp sweat. Because sweat can damage transplanted hair follicles.
  • Again, when sleeping in the first days, you should lie in a position to prevent the transplant areas from rubbing against the pillow.
  • Hair should not be washed for the first two days.
  • After the third day, hair care and washing should be done with shampoos with the appropriate ph by the recommendation of your doctor.

The Success Rate of a Hair Growth Surgery

Hair growth surgery is a special treatment that can be applied to men and women. And has a type of hair loss called male-type hair loss, which gives successful results in people over the age of 22. It is possible to mention close to 99% successful results in this treatment, and even 100% has been achieved in some treatment methods. Hair growth surgery, along with the development and innovation studies in the world of medicine and technology, is now able to produce much more successful results. From the outside, it will not be seen that any operations have been carried out.

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This is an indication that many years of innovation studies have been conducted to achieve hair growth surgery results of almost 100% naturalness, and many different treatment methods have been tried over long periods. As a result of examinations, your doctor will determine the most appropriate method for you and your body structure and give detailed information about the method, as well as about the hair growth surgery process.

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