What is a Thigh (Leg) Lift Surgery?

A leg lift or a thigh lift is the removal of stubborn fat and excess skin in the leg region. The leg area collects more fat in women. Often, sports and exercises are not enough to eliminate the problems in the inner leg area. Individuals who experience deformation especially after losing excess weight in a short time or after procedures such as stomach reduction are suitable candidates for leg lift. If the surgeon deems appropriate, the thigh lift operation can be combined with liposuction or performed after liposuction.

What Are the Causes of Thigh Sagging? 

This condition can be caused by many reasons. We may include such reasons as excessive weight loss or weight gain, in addition to the loss of skin tightness with the progression of age. Loose skin is caused by the thinning of the fat tissues beneath the skin. However, if this condition reaches a level that cannot be improved with exercise, it is essential to perform a thigh lift operation. Furthermore, in some patients, leg sagging extends to the kneecaps. In such cases, a surgical intervention is the definitive solution.

What are the Types of Leg and Thigh Lift Surgery?

The main types of leg and thigh lift surgery are as follows:

Inner Thigh Lift: The aim of this technique is to fix sagging skin and fat deposits on the inside of the leg. However, the incisions in the pubis area are sufficient to remove and stretch the excess skin.

Outer Thigh Lift: It is also a way to remove sagging skin on the outer thigh. The excess skin on the outer thigh is removed and stretched through incisions between the hip and thigh.

Full Thigh Lift: In this type of surgery, sagging skin and fat deposits on the entire leg are corrected. Therefore, it is necessary to use a larger incision as it is a more comprehensive procedure.

Thigh and Buttock Lift: In this method, sagging and deformities in the buttocks as well as the thighs are corrected. The procedure is performed through incisions between the buttocks and thighs.

Rotary Flap Thigh Lift: It is a method used especially in patients with more sagging. The surgeon removes sagging by taking rotary flaps from the inner and outer parts of the legs.

How is Thigh Lift Surgery Done? Scarless Thigh Lift 

Leg lift is a surgical procedure. For this reason, it is required to be performed in a fully equipped hospital by a surgeon specialized in the field. The common concern of patients in plastic surgery is always the same: Will there be scars after the surgery? However, you do not need to worry about this. During thigh lift, the surgeon makes small incisions. With the help of these incisions in the inner groin, he or she removes excess skin and stretches the remaining skin. Thus, you can achieve a scarless thigh lift result. In patients with sagging skin and excess fat accumulation, thigh lift together with liposuction procedure gives excellent and scarless results.


Operation time 2 hours
Type of anesthesia General anesthesia
Side affects Mild pain, bruises and bleeding
Recovery 1 week

Maintenance After Leg Lift Surgery

It is very important to pay attention to some important care tips for a comfortable and successful recovery period after the operation.

After surgery, the doctor or nurses will cover your legs with appropriate dressings. They will also place drains to prevent blood and fluid accumulation. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions to change the dressings regularly and to care for the drains correctly.

Post-operative painkillers will help you have a comfortable recovery period. However, stop taking medicines with a blood-thinning effect, such as aspirin, at least 2 days in advance.

After the operation, due to the effects of anesthesia and painkillers, you will need to be accompanied by a relative. You will especially need help with everyday activities at home.

A critical issue for the recovery process is to avoid stretching and excessive movements in the leg area. Avoid climbing stairs, squatting or strenuous activities. However, you can support your circulation by taking short walks around the house.

You can take a bath 2 days after your medical team remove the drains. However, it is very important to follow special hygiene instructions after the operation.

With the approval of your plastic surgeon, regularly follow the compression garment you will use in the postoperative period. It is important to use it for the period recommended by your doctor.

Be patient to see the full leg lift results. The full recovery process takes about a year. Of course, you will get a good result before this time; but the first year is critical for any surgical operation. Follow your doctor’s controls regularly without interruption.

Following your doctor’s instructions and following the appropriate care steps are critical for a successful and aesthetic recovery. Paying attention to your body’s needs during the recovery period will help you achieve great results.

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