Treatment To Stop Hair Falling Out 

Treatment To Stop Hair Falling Out The hair problems including the hair thinning and the hair fall have a huge impact on our self esteem and mental health, because our hair is a quite prominent part of our appearance: therefore, once we experience a sudden excessive hair shedding, we rushly start looking for an efficient treatment to stop hair falling out. So what are the main reasons that could possibly cause this issue, and what is the best treatment to stop hair falling out completely?

If you have this issue, do not take any step without consulting a good doctor who can recommend for you the best treatment that suits your case. Because,  most of the time, as far as our hair is concerned, once we hear that there is a certain product or treatment that perfectly works for someone, we directly and  unconsciously believe that the same treatment will solve our problem either, and this is a big mistake we should all avoid. For every case, there is a certain treatment that goes with it. That’s why we always recommend you to consult a doctor once you notice that any issue has taken place. 

Let us highlight all the existing treatments to stop hair falling out  by simultaneously mentioning  the different cases that every treatment goes with. 

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The hair transplant

let us begin with the most common treatment that thousands of people have been performing since the late twentieth century: the hair transplant operation. This is a quite efficient procedure that utterly gets rid of baldness, and it is done differently by multiple techniques such as FUT, FUE, DHI, DHI PRO. But basically, it is done by harvesting a specific number of hair roots from the back of the head which is called the main donor area, the chest or the beard that are known as the secondary donor areas, and then by transplanting those hair grafts in the empty areas of the head.

This treatment to stop hair falling out and to cover the empty areas is not suitable for everyone. It fits certain patients whose hair grafts are not partially but rather totally damaged and utterly dead. Thus, the only solution is to transplant  hair follicles anew. Generally, the majority of patients, especially males who suffer from this kind of hair loss have an Androgenetic Alopecia which occurs mostly due to hereditary factors. 

The Platelet-Rich plasma

this is another common treatment to stop hair falling out, and it is done as following: 

  • Firstly, the doctor draws blood from the patient’s own body. 
  • Secondly, he puts the blood in a highly advanced machine called the centrifuge machine. The latter separates the constituents of the blood into divided stratums. 
  • Thirdly, the doctor takes out one specific constituent from the blood which is called the Plasma.
  • Fourthly, he mixes the plasma with some calcium. 

And finally, he injects them in the scalp by focusing on the damaged area where the hair is falling. This treatment is quite effective as it stimulates the blood circulation in the area allowing the nutrients to reach the hair roots, and it further nutrifies it with the plasma and the calcium which are quite important to repair the damaged hair and totally stop the hair shedding. It does not give an immediate result, but it is done through different sessions between 6 to 12 as it gives a gradual effect.Unlike the hair transplant operation,  this treatment suits the people whose hair is falling but the grafts are alive and partially damaged. Not those who have large bald areas in the head. The Platelet-rich Plasma does nor revive the dead follicles.

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The Low Laser Therapy (known as the LLT)

this is also regarded as one of the most highly successful treatments to stop hair falling out. Its application is very simple: a laser helmet is put on the head for around thirty minutes without the necessity of anesthesia or surgical intervention. Similarly to the Platelet-rich Plasma, the Low Laser Therapy is an effective cure for the patients whose hair grafts are partially damaged for certain reasons that are not hereditary or genetic. But whose hair follicles are still alive. 

Other treatments to stop hair falling out: there are other simple treatments that include: a healthy nutritional diet, a healthy hair care routine, the use of natural hair products that do not contain any chemical substances, and that are parabens, sulfates and silicone free, avoiding the use of medicines that damage the hair such as the contraceptive pills which include a high level of estrogen and progesterone. 

To wrap up, there are numerous types of hair problems such as the hair thinning, the hair loss, the Androgenetic alopecia, the anagen effluvium, the telogen effluvium, the traction alopecia…etc, and for each hair problem, there is a specific treatment to stop hair falling out.

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