Bad Hair Replacement

Bad Hair Replacement Generally, hair transplant is a highly simple process that has an extremely high success rate,  but  due to multiple factors and circumstances this surgery could result in a very bad hair replacement. Thus the first thing that comes to one’s head once he experiences an unpleasing and unfavorable result is how could he solve this problem. So this article will thoroughly tackle this issue by answering the following queries: What is a bad hair replacement in the first place? In which case can we assume that our hair transplant has certainly  failed? Is it possible to fix this problem in case the operation fails? If yes, what are the existing options that effectively solve this troublesome matter when it occurs?

Bad Hair Replacement

Before underlying the unsuccessful or bad hair replacement operation, we need firstly to define the hair replacement process per se: what is it? And how is it done?

Hair replacement commonly known as the hair transplant procedure is a very simple operation that consists of harvesting or extracting hair grafts ( hair roots) from the donor area (the back side area of the head, the beard and the chest). And transplanting them in the bald areas of the empty zones in multiple parts of our bodies such as the hair, the eyebrows, the eyelashes, the beard, the moustache…etc.

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This procedure was invented in the late 50s using a technique named the hair plugs: then, thanks to the startling advancement the medical field has witnessed, a variety of methods have been developed like the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and the Direct Hair Implantation Pro (DHI PRO). The latter is the most recent and most effective one, and it has been developed in one of the most internationally qualified and reputable hospitals worldwide which is Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey.

In fact, if it is done appropriately in a good hospital, and by an extremely professional and talented medical staff, your operation will be surely felicitous, but unfortunately for some reasons, you may experience a bad hair replacement. So  how can you assume that your operation has failed in the first place?

A lot of people do not actually know in which case they can tell whether their procedure has failed or succeeded.

And here we need to clarify that in case:

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  • You are totally healthy, and you do not have any diseases or allergies that could negatively affect your hair.
  • You had a very strong donor area that could definitely cover all the empty areas before performing a hair transplant procedure.
  • It has been a whole year since you did your hair transplant, but you are experiencing a horrible and bad hair replacement

So what should we do in this case? Is there a possible treatment or solution?

It is quite normal to get disappointed if you do not get a nice result as you were expecting, but do not panic, more than 50% of the bad hair replacement surgeries are treatable. The first thing that we recommend you to do is to consult a highly professional, experienced, credible and extremely skillful doctor. And here, you should know that the best place worldwide in the hair transplant field and aesthetic domain in general is Turkey. In this country, you can find numerous international hospitals where you can successfully fix your bad hair replacement operation with a highly reasonable and good price. But as we mentioned above, only 50% of the failed hair transplant operations are fixable and curable. So how can you know which category you belong to?

It is very easy to figure out whether your bad hair replacement operation is fixable or not, because it all depends on the case of your donor area. In case your donor area which is mainly the back area of the head is still strong, dense and healthy, you may undergo another hair transplant procedure and get a better satisfying result. However, if your donor area has been already damaged due to the last operation you underwent, you can not unfortunately perform a second session, it would be absolutely in vain.

Even though there are three donor areas from where it is possible to extract hair follicles which are the backside area of the head, the chest and the beard, in case your main donor area ( the back of the head) is totally ruined on one hand, and you have a quite large bald area on the other hand, it may not be efficiently covered using the hair grafts from the chest and the beard only.

Why would you reach this point and get a  bad hair replacement operation in the first place? Be selective, careful and smart, choose the right hospital and the right medical staff, and you will definitely get a perfect, satisfying and pleasing result.

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