Eyebrow Transplant Vs Microblading

Eyebrow Transplant Vs Microblading Eyebrows are regarded as one of the most prominent and essential facial components that plays a cosmetic as well as an important functional role, thus so many operations have been performed in order to embellish and beautify the eyebrows such as eyebrow transplant and microblading. This article will highlight these two operations by underlying the peculiarities, the characteristics, the advantages and the drawbacks in addition to the differences of the eyebrow transplant Vs microblading. So if you are interested to know more details about these two procedures, and you want to know which one is better and more effective, read this article.

Before we go deeply into more details about eyebrow transplant VS microblading, let us first scrutinize and define each process separately.

Concerning the eyebrow transplant , this is all what you need to know about this common operation:

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  • It is a non-surgical process that generally lasts between two to three hours for maximum, depending on the case of every patient, and depending on the number of hair follicles that every patient needs.
  • It is done under local anesthesia, and it does not need a total anesthesia. The patient will be awake during the whole process, and in case he does it in one of the most advanced hospitals in Turkey like Clinic expert i Istanbul, it will be pain-free.
  • It has been done through multiple techniques like the Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE), the Sapphire method, the Direct Hair Implantation technique (DHI) and the Direct Hair Implantation Pro (DHI PRO). But the best one so far is the most recent one which is the DHI pro technique that has been innovated and developed by Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey.
  • This non-surgical operation is done in the exact same way as the hair transplant procedure. The doctor extracts hair grafts from the donor area of the head, and then he Transplant them in the empty and bald areas of the eyebrows.
  • The cost of the operation differs from one hospital to another, and from one country to the other, but Turkey is regarded nowadays as the cheapest place where you can get it done with the most reasonable price.
  • The result of the eyebrow transplant is not immediate, it is rather gradual, and it takes you one whole year to get the final result.
  • The result is not temporary, it is rather permanent and long-lasting.
  • If you do it using the best and the most recent method which is the DHI PRO technique, the healing process will not exceed the three days for maximum.
  • When it is done with the DHI PRO technique also, and by a highly competent and qualified doctor, no damage will occur. Only some normal and temporary side effects like the swelling in the first two days after the procedure may take place.

Eyebrow Transplant Vs MicroBlading

Those are all the details concerning the eyebrow transplant, let us now shed light on the eyebrow transplant Vs microblading. Compared to the eyebrow transplant, these are all the details that you need to know about the microblading operation:

  • The microblading is a non surgical process which is a common thing between eyebrow transplant VS microblading which is known also as the semi permanent eyebrow treatment.
  • It necessitates also a local anesthesia to avoid any pain.
  • could be done by a technician or a specialist, not necessarily a doctor.
  • is done by opening some small cuts in the empty areas of the eyebrows, of course as the patient’s preferences. Then using a special tool, he fills those cuts, and inserts pigments into the cuts.
  • Unlike the eyebrow transplant process, the result is not permanent. It is rather temporary, and it lasts between 10 to 12 months for maximum.
  • The result is immediate, even the healing process takes between 10 to 15 days. But you will be able to see the prior result immediately after doing the process. So every year, you will need to undergo the operation anew, which is quite costful and not efficient at all.
  • The price of the microblading ranges from 500$ to 1200$.
  • Unlike the eyebrow transplant, the microblading has proved to be quite damaging in the long term. At the beginning it gives satisfying and pleasing results, especially when it is done by an expert. But in the long term, those who underwent a microblading operation, are suffering from deleterious and shocking side effects. In fact, microblading results in eyebrows hair loss in the long term. And when your eyebrows fall, there would be no effective solution for you except the eyebrows transplant.

To wrap up, after we compared, illustrated and analyzed the characteristics and features of the eyebrow transplant Vs microblading, we can assume that eyebrow transplant is the best procedure and the most insured and guaranteed operation that could assure you a permanent, effective and satisfying result if it is done properly.

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