Labiaplasty Also known as “the vaginal rejuvenation” process or ” the vaginal design”, the Labiaplasty is a new cosmetic operation that is surgically performed on the level of the inner lips (labia minora) or the outer  lips (labia majora) for numerous factors and motives. If you want to know more about this procedure, the following article will give you an insight into this topic which matters for thousands of females worldwide by answering the mostly asked questions like: What is labiaplasty? What are the factors or the motives that push some females to undergo this procedure? How is it performed? How much does it cost? Is it medically necessary or only cosmetic? And what are its Pros and Cons?

According to the ASPS which is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 10.000 Labiaplasty procedures are done per year in different countries, but mostly in Turkey. So what are the labiaplasty motives?

Due to multiple factors such as:

Congenital malformations

some females are born with various annoying genital deformities including: the very big outer lips, the large inner lips, the asymmetrical lips.


it is one of the causes that negatively affect the outer look of the vagina causing sagging, flabbiness and wrinkles on the level of the labia minora and labia majora.

Harsh, rough and excessive sex 

even though it is preferred by a lot of females, this type of sex has deleterious unpleasing and unfavorable outcomes on the vagina causing unpreferable vaginal dilation .


could also cause some unfavorable vaginal changes.

When those bothering cases occur, women’s psychology could be terribly affected leading to multiple vexatious, bothersome and sometimes severe consequences such as; low-self esteem, lack of self confidence, anxiety, Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD)، low sexual drive. Because they may  feel uncomfortable and extremely insecure, a lot of women would rather hide their vaginas, and refuse to have  sexual intercourse, which may seem normal, but it could actually destroy a relationship and a marriage that could have been successful, leading eventually to divorce.

Of course, we are not overgeneralizing,  we are shedding the light on the category of women who are annoyed by the- above mentioned conditions.

Sometimes,  even when the woman accepts her body the way it is, her partner may be the one who is not satisfied by her vaginal shape and look which could eventually motivate her to undergo a labiaplasty procedure.

After going through the motives and factors of labiaplasty, it is time to answer the following query: how is it performed?

Labiaplasty is a surgical process that could be done under local or total anesthesia depending on the case of every patient. It takes between one to two hours for maximum. And it is done differently as every case necessitates:

  • It is done by cutting a part of the lips either the outer or the inner ones, for those who have very large labia.
  • is done by minimizing and reducing the vagainal size, by removing the excess fat and tissues.
  • is also done by tightening the large vagina.

What are the pros and cons of this procedure?

Even though Labiaplasty is classified as an operation that needs a surgical intervention, it is a highly simple procedure which lasts only two hours, and does not have any potential risks in case it is done appropriately in a reputable hospital like Clinic Expert hospital in Istanbul Turkey, by a highly experienced and qualified aesthetic surgeons. And if you are intending to perform labiaplasty, you need to know that Turkey is absolutely your best destination to get a highly satisfying result with a very reasonable and accessible price.

However, if you randomly, incautiously and rashly chose a random clinic or hospital, you may put your life and your money in danger because, no matter how simple this procedure may seem, if it is not performed by an extremely experienced and talented medical staff, it may cause detrimental outcomes such as distortions, permanent  scars…etc. So take your time, and do not rash while selecting the hospital and the medical staff.

What about its success rate, is this operation really effective?

As far as the Labiaplasty success rate is concerned, in Turkey and in multiple international hospitals there like Clinic Expert Hospital, this procedure has been highly successful and effective as its  success rate has exceeded 80%.

It has quite normal and expected side effects like swelling, itchiness, pain that may only occur during the first three or four days that proceed the operation.

To wrap up, labiaplasty has become one of the commonly undergone cosmetic surgeries that is performed for the purpose of refining, ameliorating and rejuvenating the female genital, which has numerous beneficial outcomes not only on the vaginal appearance and look, but also on the women’s psychology, self-confidence and self-esteem.

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