Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

Hair transplant operations have been the perfect solution for many hair loss cases. Whether the hair loss is still occurring reached its end phase, this semi surgical procedure can certainly put an end to many pattern baldness sufferers.

According to the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) more than 735.000 hair transplant operations were performed worldwide in 2019 alone. And even though the Covid-19 pandemic hit the following year in hard waves, the number of hair restoration operations in the year 2020 is just slightly less than the previous year. This is explained by the reduced cost as hospitals are striving to both survive and provide affordable operation for everyone.

Price is and will always be one of the main factors that everyone considers before deciding to undergo suchlike operation, so what’s the cost of hair transplant ? And where can you find the best and most affordable operation ?

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How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

In order to answer the question “what’s the cost of hair transplant”, we must first understand the factors that can affect the price. One of the main factors is the technique, some old used techniques are definitely cheaper, while others may sometimes come at higher cost. The hair transplant techniques are the followings:

  • FUT Follicular unit transplantation  : Also known as the strip procedure, this technique dedicates the extraction of a “slice of skin” from the back of the head, which we previously mentioned is called the donor area. After taking a part of the donor area, the skin extracted is cut into small portions, these are then implanted into previously opened channels in the bald area. In this technique, an apparent linear scar can be visible in the donor area even after full recovery.

Even though is operations is rarely used, and in some institutes is already banned, we shall mention that the cost is relatively high considering the end results and the scar that is left.


Follicular unit extraction : this technique is also called the hair follicular transfer, instead of striping a whole part of the skin, only small circular or rectangular skin part are extracted, which in each there is about four hair follicles. This technique leaves few to almost non visible scars and provides more density than the previous one. This technique comes at a worldwide average price of 5.000 dollars which is kinda interesting as the average prices of the FUE hair transplant in the United States is around 8.000 dollars.


the Direct Hair Implantation is one of the latest and most advanced technique. It dictated that the hair grafts are extracted one at a time with an advanced tool called the micromotor. After preservation, using a special tool called the CHOI pens, the extracted grafts are implanted one at a time in the bald area. Leaving no scar, this technique is superior for its high density result and more natural look.

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Being the latest, the most delicate, and needing the best of the best doctors, this operation comes with high prices with an average cost of 15.000 dollars in the United States.

Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

The answer to the question ” what’s the cost of hair transplant” varies from one country to another, and without doubt, when we mention hair transplant or even aesthetic operation related countries, Turkey will always come on top. Best known for its top notch medical advancement, the country’s finest helped in the creation of a multi billion dollar industry that attracts tourists from all over the world for major operations. This valuable market pushed local clinics and hospitals to provide more competitive quality with a more competitive price. ClinicExpert Hospital as such, managed to not only lead the competition locally, but also to break the competition internationally, while providing the highest health care standards with the lowest relative pricing.

Depending on the technique and each patient’s preferences, the total cost for the operation may change significantly, but the question to What’s the cost of hair transplant at ClinicExpert is answered differently, if you are a United States or United Kingdom resident, and plan to have this operation at ClinicExpert hospital, pick any hair transplantation technique and while comparing you will easily notice that you would still save up to 80 percent from the total cost including flight cost and a full week touristic tour in Istanbul. This is thanks to the many free of charge extra services such us airports pickup, transport, a dedicated translator, free diagnosis and lifetime medical aftercare.

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