Is There Any Cure For Male Pattern Baldness?

Is there Any Cure For Male Pattern Baldness? In one of its reports, the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery mentioned that around 85% of men whose hair is falling have an Androgenetic Alopecia which is known also as the  male pattern baldness. And once anyone notices this frustrating and botherome problem, he starts looking for any cure for male pattern baldness. So what is this type of hair loss? Is it chronic? What are the factors that lie behind it? And is there  any cure for male pattern baldness? In case the answer is yes , what is the best treatment for this issue?

If your hair starts drastically falling from the front area and the crown, and if you have the same issue in your family and relatives either from the maternal or paternal side, you definitely have an androgenetic alopecia , and you should immediately search for any cure for male pattern baldness which may occur due to the following reasons:

The first

and the main factor behind androgenetic alopecia is hereditary. And the majority of men who suffer from this type have a genetic baldness.

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Medical conditions

several health conditions and chronic diseases like the type II of Diabetes, the severe blood pressure, the heart diseases, the autoimmune illnesses, may also cause the male pattern baldness.

The use of some medicines

some medications may also lead to male pattern baldness like the pills for diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases…etc can lead to androgenetic alopecia.

Psychological disorders

if you have any psychological illnesses or disorders like severe depression, acute stress, post traumatic stress disorder, OCDs ( obsessive- compulsive disorders ) …., you may also experience hair loss and male pattern baldness.

The use of chemical products

if you are using any hair products like shampoos, gel, hair conditioners, hair sprays, hair oils, hair lotion..etc without scrutinizing its constituents, you will eventually damage your hair, and you will probably have a male pattern baldness.

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After breaking down all the possible causes that may lead to this common type of hair loss, is it treatable? And is there any cure for male pattern baldness?

Fortunately, thanks to the huge advancement that occurred in the medical field in general, and in the aesthetic field specifically, multiple treatments have been developed to get rid of all the types of hair loss and baldness. Unlike the other types of hair loss, the male pattern baldness that is genetically inherited ultimately destroys the hair grafts and leads to the total death of the hair roots; and once the grafts dies, there is no treatment in the world that could renovate, restore or revive it. The only possible way to solve this issue and to recover the bald areas is the hair transplant operation.

And in case any doctor around the world  recommends for you any other cure for male pattern baldness such as hair products ( shampoo, conditioner , oil, serum, multivitamins, Platelet-rich Plasma, Low-Laser Therapy ….), be sure that he is either not experienced enough to provide you with the right treatment for your case, or he is simply a materialist، dishonest,disingenuous and fraudulent doctor who only cares about financial gains: transplanting new hair follicles is the only possible and effective way that could efficiently help you to get rid of this traumatic and irritating issue. So what is hair transplant? And how is it done?

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant is a highly simple procedure that could be simply  defined as following: the transfer of hair grafts from the donor area (the backside zone of the head) to the bald area. The male pattern baldness occurs first in the sides of the hair taking the form of the letter A, second it affects the vertex (the crown area), and if it does not get treated in this phase, it will eventually lead to total baldness which can never be cured.

There are numerous techniques that has been developed to transplant hair including : the Follicular Unit Transplantation (which is no longer used), the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the Direct Hair Implantation ( DHI, and the DHI Pro which was developed recently by Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey. The latter is regarded as the best and the most effective technique so far and it is done in four steps as following:

The Platelet-rich Plasma injection

it is done by drawing blood from the patient’s body himself, centrifuging it, taking the plasma, mixing it with calcium and proteins, and finally injecting it in the scalp.

The Low-Laser therapy

The grafts extraction

harvesting the hair follicles individually without opening any incisions nor leaving any scars.

The grafts transplantation

using the choi pen implanter, the doctor will transplant the follicles directly in the bald area without opening any incisions at all.

So, if you are looking for any cure for male pattern baldness, hair transplant is the best solution.

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