Hair Thinning At A Young Age

Hair Thinning At A Young Age As someone who is facing hair thinning at a young age, or a serious balding pattern, have no worries as there are modern solutions for every problem.

Hair loss is an unbearable issue, as it has a psychological effect on every individual who suffers this problem. can be due to various and distinguishable factors, such as stress, external factors and genetics.

Most common type of hair loss is the male pattern baldness which hits almost two thirds of men around the globe. Females on the other hand, suffer the same hair loss type, the female pattern baldness is found approximately in forty percent of all women.

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Now that we know that it is totally normal for both men and women to suffer hair loss, many must wonder, at what age one starts to lose hair, and whether it is normal to have hair thinning at a young age.

Getting deeper into hair thinning causes

Hair loss has been a serious problem that most of the world population are facing. Due to the high psychological drawbacks that this issue may result in, researchers and doctors have invested both time and money to figure out causes, in hopes of finding a cure for everyone to benefit from.

Scientists have conducted a batch of various experiments and analysis to come up with the following main reasons for hair loss :


family history holds the biggest share of hair thinning and baldness causes. Doctors called this type of hair loss as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. The word pattern refers to the losing hair in the same way for all cases. Starting from receding hairline and up to the crown area. We must mention that this type is also a high cause for hair thinning at a young age.

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Changes in the individuals hormones can also lead to hair thinning in some cases. Hormonal changes can happen at a young age in puberty and Pregnancy and childbirth were also recorded as hair thinning related to hormonal changes.


Male Pattern Baldness In Women

Some illness or diseases may require taking medicines that may lead to hair loss. If you are on any type of drugs, and noticing a sudden hair thinning, consult a doctor as soon as possible to learn more about your case.

Bad Hairstyling habits

Heading the hair salon more often may give you temporary good looking hair for sure, but unfortunately, excess in hair treatments and hair style changes or even a wrong one, will eventually lead to a definite hair loss.


In our modern world, no one is stress free, and it has become hard to determine at which age a human can go through extreme stress. Stress can also be experienced by teenagers, thus, another reason for hair thinning at a young age.

Radio therapy

Radiotherapy has been known as the fastest way causing hair loss. Unfortunately there is no running away from this one. We wish you all healthy and cancer free lives.

Hair loss and thinning in youngsters

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss

Over the past couple of decades, technology has boomed in an unimaginable way, the smartphone era has made our looks more visible to more audiences, raising issues and insecurities among most those who find themselves fond of sharing their pictures on daily bases. Unfortunately, youngsters who represent the majority of these categories are noticing some look related issues such as hair loss.

For younger individuals, determining the source of the problem was a bit challenging. Eventually, facing hair thinning at a young age is a result of the same factors that anyone at an older age may face. Due to stress, environmental pollution, unhealthy diets and limited physical activities, even teenagers started noticing hair thinning at the age of sixteen and even less in some rare cases.

Lucky, science and medical advancement have presented ways to overcome this issue. When hair loss preventing products fail you, try considering a hair transplant operation to recover the lost hair.

Whether you suffered hair thinning at a young age or not, hair transplant can definitely be the ultimate solution in most cases. By taking the healthy hair follicles from the back of your head, called the donor area, and implanting those grafts into the bald areas to not only cover the baldness, but if well administered and well taken care of, it can even result in thicker and denser hair than previously had.

To learn more about hair transplant operations, costs and treatments, you may consult ClinicExpert Hospital to get a free online hair diagnosis.

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