Can Stress Cause Hair Loss

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss? The question ‘ can stress cause hair loss ‘ is often asked by people who experience hair loss and have a high level of stress. It is an unavoidable fact that nowadays stress causes many different problems. At the beginning of these diseases is the problem of hair loss. Hair loss occurs over time or often in the hair of people who are under intense stress. However, a person can become even more stressed due to this state of hair loss by panicking. As a result of stress, it is possible to get rid of this condition by not forgetting that you are experiencing hair loss and acting more calmly.

The medications or recommendations that your doctor will give can completely stop hair loss. If there is no serious damage to the hair follicles, you can see that your new hair comes out of the places that fall out soon after. It is necessary to pay attention not to encounter such a situation. Not being stressed is not an easy situation. Now there are millions of people who think that a stress-free job is rarely left. Your job, or your life, can be very stressful, but managing stress is entirely in your hands.

Stress Cause Hair Loss

When you let stress manage you, work can go out of hand and have irreversible consequences. For example, you can stay bald. However, the hair on the head makes up almost half of our image. If you don’t let stress manage you by managing your stress, you become a much healthier and happier individuals. There are many findings in this style that have been scientifically proven. For example, people who are happy and constantly laugh have much denser hair.

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It has been observed that hair loss is less in people who are much more comfortable with personality and behavior. Important air pollution in external factors, hair care, preferred shampoos, and products are also known to be extremely effective for this condition. The issue mentioned is that stress is the biggest factor if your hair loss continues, even though you do exactly everything. When we talk about stress-related hair loss, we don’t just mean intense stress. A state of intense sadness and excessive joy is also included in the subject of stress.

How does Stress Affect Your Hair?

Stress also causes you to lose the pigment that gives you the color in the hair follicles. Hair follicles, which weaken, begin to fall out quickly. New hair comes out in the form of white hair because it does not have colored hair roots. In cases where hair loss is long-term, the hair follicles begin to grow new hair, especially in the peak and temple areas, because they are thoroughly weakened. If you experience a genetic predisposition to hair loss, illness, drug use, eating disorder, or any psychological discomfort, stress will further trigger these conditions. For this reason, you should start psychological treatment as soon as possible and medication if necessary in cases where your hair loss progresses.

Chronic Stress and Hair Loss

It reveals the effects of chronic stress caused by us making a habit of the problems we experience in everyday life much faster and more vigorously. In particular, death, accident, separation, excess responsibility at work, and job change cause chronic stress. Chronic hair loss, external factors, and causes caused by daily problems, as well as anxiety problems also occupy an important place. Hair loss begins much earlier, depending on the period of weight loss in the hair follicles. The most important physical changes caused by chronic stress are hair loss and rapid weight loss. Chronic stress, in addition to its physical effects, can also cause psychological disorders such as depression if you are not treated. Therefore, you should start professional treatment as soon as possible. You should also stay as far away from busy work tempos, stressful environments as possible, and maintain your calm mood as much as possible.

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