Hair Loss Replacement Surgery

Hair loss is a part of the natural aging process or hormonal changes, heredity, disease, drugs, burns, and may arise from different causes, including stress. Some people experience hair loss due to a combination of these factors. For such problems, hair loss replacement surgery is often preferred.

Hair loss replacement surgery is the process of transplanting hair follicles taken from the nape areas of people with baldness or hair loss problems to the problematic area. The roots that will be transplanted for Hair loss replacement surgery are selected from strong roots that are healthy and have no chance of shedding. This application is a safe method that people who experience openings and dilution in their hair due to hair loss can also apply. So for hair loss replacement surgery, the person does not need to be completely bald.

replacement surgery is the most effective method. In the roots to be transplanted in the process, there is no case of re-shedding. Along with this method, people get stronger and healthier hair in as little as 6 months. Hair loss replacement surgery is a medical operation performed by a specialist doctor and his team. Also, this application is done with a high degree of precision and meticulousness.

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Hair loss replacement surgery can be applied to male or female patients with hair loss problems without gender discrimination. It is an operation that can be performed immediately when there are no obstacles in the tests and analyses that will be performed before the procedure.

Before Surgery

Some situations need to be considered before hair loss replacement surgery. For example, people who regularly play sports should take a break from their sports decommissioning one week before the operation. Because sports activities increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure, as they dilute the blood and accelerate the flow of blood. Decoding decongestant sexual intercourse should also be interrupted for the same reasons during the time of a break from sports. In summary, from one week before this procedure, patients should avoid activities that will leave them gasping for breath. If blood thinner drugs are used, they should also be decommissioned.

Quitting smoking and alcohol for 4-5 days before the procedure will also have a great positive effect on the success rate of the operation.

Hair loss replacement surgery completion time depends entirely on the width of the area of the patient to be processed and the number of grafts. Another important factor that plays an active role in the duration of the procedure is the doctor’s dexterity. The doctor’s dexterity, practice, and experience determine the duration of the operation. A session lasts between 7 and 8 hours on average.

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After Surgery

Hair loss replacement surgery is a procedure that requires high concentration, rigor, and labor. After this procedure, which requires a lot of effort from both the specialist doctor and the patient, it is at least as important as it is. But the rules that must be followed after the operation, the things that must be avoided and done are entirely the patient’s responsibility. After the operation, we can list the points that the patient should pay attention to as follows:

  • The patient should not skip the dressing days after the procedure.
  • In the first days, you should be very careful about the risk of infection.
  • Smoking and alcohol should not be used.
  • Drugs should be used on time and as recommended.
  • It should be treated by the doctor’s instructions and not in situations that risk the success of the operation.
  • Abstain from sexual activity for a while and must take a decommissioning.
  • The application area should be protected from strong wind, rain, sun, and dust.
  • After surgery, foods containing ingredients that support hair health should be consumed and a balanced diet.
  • Definitely, the head area should be protected from trauma and impact.
  • The treated area should not be itchy and should not interfere with crusting.
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