How to Prevent Hair Loss?

How to prevent hair loss? The question of how can I prevent hair loss; is often asked. Especially in men with hair loss between 16 and 40 years of age, getting help at an early stage allows you to control hair loss. In this way, it is possible to increase the amount of hair by painless methods without the need for hair transplant and prevent hair loss.

First, it should be noted that every increased loss does not always cause hair loss. Hair loss can temporarily increase for a period due to trigger factors that negatively affect our body rhythm. A side effect of a drug (antidepressants, blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, epilepsy medications, rheumatism medications), a febrile disease, or an increase in hair loss after surgery may occur.

An increase in hair loss can be observed after weight loss, poor nutrition, high stress, (exam period, work period that passes overtime, military service, separation, divorce), or a period that physically forces the person. At such times, you can take care of your diet and sleep and control large amounts of hair loss when you receive support from pharmacy-type topical lotions for hair or food supplements if there is a lack of nutrition.

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But it is important to remember that sometimes all these factors can trigger a genetic predisposition and cause hair loss. For this reason, you can get faster and more successful results with programs determined specifically for you by evaluating factors such as hair care habits, nutrition, lifestyle, and family history by a doctor instead of using a product by heart.

To prevent hair loss, you can refer to the following methods:


Mesotherapy treatment may be preferred as a complementary treatment to control hair loss during periods when hair loss increases with factors such as poor and malnutrition, weight loss, vitamin-mineral deficiency, blood loss. In the Mesotherapy procedure, which is the process of direct injection of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and keratolytic and stimulant-based components needed by the hair into the scalp, the goal is to help nourish the hair and revitalize the hair follicles. Mesotherapy is not a form of treatment that directly prevents genetic hair loss. The recommended frequency for this method, which should be applied by a specialist doctor, is 1 session per week. At least 5 sessions should be held and repeated periodically.


In the world today, there are two different drugs approved by the FDA, whose scientific research on hair development has been done very well and controls genetic hair loss. Such drugs act by suppressing androgen hormones in the body. It slows hair loss by directly preventing the formation of DHT and contributes to the formation of new hair. The drug affects the increase in hair as a result of long-term and regular use. But there are also side effects that can be risky for some people. For this reason, it is recommended to use with absolute doctor’s control and approval.

Laser Therapy:

Low-intensity cold laser therapy is an FDA approved radiation therapy that is applied to prevent hair loss and delay hair loss, with almost no side effects. In hair tissues exposed to light, cell metabolism is stimulated and blood circulation is accelerated. In this way, the hair roots are better nourished, the development and elongation of the hair are encouraged. 4 months as a result of regular use, an increase in hair thickening and hair density, a decrease in hair loss is observed. It is enough to apply 15 minutes 2-3 times a week.

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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma):

This method is an auxiliary form of treatment aimed at increasing the effect of the main treatment protocol for hair loss. It can be preferred as a supportive treatment to reduce hair loss and accelerate hair output. In the PRP technique, a certain amount of blood is taken from the persons body, and the blood fluid is decomposed from plasma by a special process. In this process, the goal is to decompose the platelet-rich part of the blood. The resulting platelets are returned to the hair area by injection. Platelets, thanks to the growth factors they contain, allow to strengthen weakened hair follicles and slow down periodic losses. It is recommended to be administered by a specialist doctor every 2-3 weeks.

Hair Transplant:

This treatment is the most ideal method that people who have developed thinning or baldness in their hair as a result of genetic hair loss should choose. By the hair transplant method, hair is permanent for life and never falls out. If you have decided to have a hair transplant procedure, you should first consult a hair transplant surgeon.

Along with the Hair transplant surgeon, you will decide on the method that best suits you and the new hairline that will be created. After the necessary hair analysis is done, quality hair roots are determined and the process will be performed in the areas where dilution is observed.

Any pain or pain is not felt by the sedation method applied during the Hair transplant process. At the same time, in operations performed by the DHI hair transplant method, there will never be any cuts in the area where the necessary grafts are taken or in the area where the procedure is performed, so the operation result will never leave traces.

Because of genetic hair loss, hair transplant can also be performed with hair roots taken from various parts of the body in people who have all the hair follicles that are of good quality have died and there are no grafts left.

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