Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment, Losing hair is one of the life changes prompted by age that people had the most trouble adjusting to. That is not an exaggeration in any way, it’s the truth. People are very much attached to the way they look that the simple prospect of having to let go of it permanently bother them. It is only natural since hair is one of your defining features, visually speaking at least. 

This is a problem that affects all of the people, regardless of gender, at some point or another during their lifetimes. So, of course, humans have been working on a way, a procedure, a hair loss treatment that gives them back the hair they’ve lost. Or at least helps them keep the mount they have got left anyways. 

People have been at it for quite some time. In Ancient Greece, a physician by the name of Hippocrates swore by a treatment of his own creation. He said that male hair loss could be prevented by pigeon dropping regularly to the scalp. There’s no documented source anywhere of his remedy actually having any sort of success for the Ancient Greeks. 

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And it’s very likely that someone very bothered by their hair loss already tried it in more recent times. Yet, you don’t hear or read them shouting about the success rate of it. Thus, it’s safe to say you can pass on that particular hair loss treatment without regret. But there’re many hair loss treatments these days which a lot of people swear by. 

How Hair Loss Happens

Before anything, you need to know how hair loss happens to understand why a hair loss treatment works. It is all related to a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a byproduct of testosterone, the main male sex hormone which both sexes have. Initially, DHT helps the growth processes of the body, that includes hair growth. 

Past a certain age, however, it does the opposite. At some point in your life, DHT will begin to bind itself to hormonal receptors in your hair follicles. When that happens, the ensuing reaction causes the hair follicle to begin shrinking. As the hair follicle shrinks, the hair growing out of it begins to thin. 

The more shrinking, the more thinning, until a point the hair follicle is so shrunken that hair won’t grow out of it no more. This is the actual cause of baldness. The chances of it happening to you earlier are due to you carrying certain genes that make you more sensitive to the effects of DHT.

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Hair Loss Treatment That Works

Once understood how it happens, you will be able to understand why a hair loss treatment actually works.

 There’s always a new product claiming to be the ultimate cure. Their results are sketchy at best, too. Here we present you only the best, most successful hair loss treatments.

Follicle Plus Multivitamin

A deficit of vitamins within the body can severely affect the process of hair growth. This happens because the hair follicle, from which the hair grows, needs specific vitamins to actually sprout hair. Vitamins come from the consumption of food rich in them. Due to dietary changes, restrictions, or plain personal preferences, some people do not get enough of them. It is then when the help of a hair growth treatment product comes in handy. 

The Follicle Plus Multivitamin provides rich amounts of all vitamins you are most likely to lack these days. The compound has 14 different natural ingredients to make the hair follicle start faster hair growth. Thus, sometime after constantly taking it, you should be able to see your locks starting to grow again.

Follicle Plus Repair Foam

Sensitivity in the scalp after the hair transplant is a given. That simply means that healing in that zone that just underwent surgery is underway. What it also means is that you will most likely feel mild discomfort or itch. But it does not have to be this way, not with Follicle Plus Repair Foam. 

With a simple spray of it on the scalp and careful, slow dissemination around it, it’ll soothe your pain. Thus, making it the perfect post-care treatment during the early stages of recovery after a hair transplant procedure.

Follicle Plus Repair Shampoo

A biotin-rich compound made mainly of green tea extract, magnesium stearate, and Zinc. Thus, It provides the hair directly with enough vitamins to nourish it and stimulates its further growth. It also does not hurt that it makes the skin on the scalp look shinier. Include it into your regular hair care regime to see fast improvements.

Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum

An injectable formula which works similarly to the rich-platelet plasma injections. That is, taking the patient’s own blood, running it through a centrifuge, and injecting it back into the patient’s bloodstream. The result from the treatment is an accelerated activation of the healing factor of the patient’s body. In other words, you will heal slightly faster form an injury or, more likely, a surgery.

Now, a compound made from several herbal-based ingredients can achieve similarly. Similar enough to heal from a hair transplant surgery and fasten the hair growth. This compound is the Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum and the best part of it is not necessary to extract any of your blood. Just inject as indicated and wait to see your hair heal and grow.

Follicle Plus Beard Serum

Beard hair is slightly different from regular hair from your scalp, mainly due to the attribute of the part of the skin in which it locates. Thus, the special concoction of the Follicle Plus Beard Serum is specially designed to target that area specifically. With regular use, the product will enhance beard thickness and also remain unnoticeable after application.

Advanced Hair Repair Serum

An enhanced form of the Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum, the Advanced Hair Repair Serum goes even farther. The compound goes into revitalizing nearly dead hair follicles into growing hair back again. Vitamins, minerals and moisturizers all combine into a product that supercharges hair growth for the user.

To stop hair loss with medication requires taking regular doses of that very same medication for long periods of time. If you rather a relatively quick, one-time procedure that yields results that last a lifetime, try a hair transplant instead.

A Hair Transplant As The Ultimate Hair Loss Treatment

What do all of the other hair loss treatments have in common with one another? They all need you to take the medication constantly lest the hair loss returns. That is not a problem after undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

The hair transplant consists of surgically extracting hair follicles from the back of the scalp and grafting it into the balding spot. Why? Because hair from that area is special, it does not thin at all. Something you can see by how often you see bald men still having hair there. Best part of it is that, even when transplanted, it will retain those thinning-resistant properties in their new site as well. 

Thus, it keeps your balding spot well-covered with thick hair for a long time once done with the procedure. The hair transplant procedure is the ultimate hair loss treatment for those fed up with keeping up with the schedule for their treatment. Just one procedure and its hair for days and days for the rest of your life. Contact our hair transplant clinic to inquire about high-quality hair transplant procedures.


How to stop hair loss?

There are several ways to stop hair loss, including medications, special treatments, and surgeries. However, the best one you can get is a hair transplant.

Can medications help for hair loss?

In case you get our special products and follow our doctors’ instructions, you can fight hair loss easily.

What is the best hair loss treatment?

The best way to stop hair loss is having a DHI hair transplant, which is the most convenient and fruitful method to fight hair loss.

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