Side Effects Of A Hair Transplant

Side Effects Of A Hair Transplant, A hair loss transplant is a surgical procedure. And, regardless of how minimally invasive it is, it has its own set of side effects attached to it as any surgery would. The side effects particular to the hair transplant procedure are rather mild. And a skilled surgeon, such as ours, will help greatly in avoiding the riskier ones from having a serious effect on you. 

Shock Loss

After around two to four weeks of undergoing your hair transplant surgery, you might notice hairs from the graft falling off. Don’t panic, it is simply a much necessary part of the process. ‘Shock Loss’ is the name of this event and it is something that is not exclusive to hair transplants in the slightest. 

See, a shock loss happens when the body undergoes intense physical stress very suddenly. Events such a very invasive surgical procedure cause it due to the body requiring to divert blood flow to the operated zone. The redirection of a notable amount of the blood flowing through your body means that your body diverts it from certain zones. 

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One of the first zones it takes blood flow from just happens to be the scalp. Why is that? Because, technically, hair is not necessary for your survival, it is not a vital organ, it is not really alive even. When blood flow to the scalp reduces, the hair follicle underneath it no longer has the nutrient to keep making hair. 

Thus, hair stops growing and enter into the ‘resting phase’ of the hair growth cycle prematurely and simply waits to fall. Which is why shock loss happens. Once the healing the affected part of the body heals, blood flow resumes and the hair grows kickstarts once again. 

Shock Loss After A Hair Transplant

Now, that is why shock loss happens for invasive surgical procedures. But why does it happen for a minimally invasive surgical procedure like a hair transplant? Basically, for the same reason. The surgery extracts hair follicles from the donor site and grafts it into the receiving site. 

And the blood flow those extracted hair follicles is disrupted as a result and the hair enters the resting phase prematurely all the same. Need not to worry, it will grow back after it successfully takes to the receiving site’s blood flow.

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Infection of the hair follicles grafted goes by the name of folliculitis. It rarely happens and it’s likely a result of shoddy surgical skill. When it happens, it looks like inflamed scarred skin around the grafts in the receiving site. 

A mild antibiotic cream included in the post-care instruction medications can take care of it. If it persists despite the application, contact your surgeon for further instructions.

To avoid such problems, there are two things that you must do. First of all, you must take care of your head properly in any case. But even before that, you should have your operation from a reputable clinic that has skilful surgeons, like ours.

Curling Hair Follicle

When it comes to patients that have curly hair, the hair follicle might curl in the wrong direction. This has the potential of making the affected grafts look when grown in contrasts with the rest of the hair.  When this happens, is the level of skill of the surgeon that is to blame. 

Highly skilled surgeons like ours do not have an issue with misplaced hair grafts of curly hair. If you happen to have curly hair, extensively check the background and see the results of similar patients of your chosen surgeon. 

Failed Grafts

Our hair transplant surgeries have an exceedingly high success rate for the number of hair follicles grafted. Yet, there’s the chance that underlying condition related to the health of the patient negatively affects some grafts. 

So, please disclose your medical history and current medications you are using to your surgeon. Also, less able surgeons usually have a higher transection (damaging of the hair follicle) rate during the surgery. This is not an issue with us as all of our surgeons are highly skilled and have plenty of experience with hair transplants. Because we provide you with a top-quality consultation procedure, in which you can learn all the details of your individual process.

How To Avoid Most Side Effects Of A Hair Transplant

Side effects of hair transplant surgery will happen. You might not experience all of the described, but you will experience some for sure. But a skilled surgeon, like our experts, with years of experience with a hair transplant can help you avoid the worse of them. 

And, luckily for you, we have some of the best at your disposal. With our surgeons, there’s very little to worry about high transcreation rate or misplaced curly hair. Contact us if what you seek is to restore your plentiful locks of hair with very little risk involved.


Are there any hair transplant side effects?

If you don’t undertake the operation in a safe and reputable clinic, there could be some side effects. To avoid them, you can simply get in touch with us.

How to avoid hair transplant side effects?

By getting your surgery from reputable clinics with experienced surgeons, like us, you can have the smoothest process with the most convenient results.

How do you prevent the side effects of hair transplant operations?

First of all, our staff take care of you with first-class hospitality. Our doctors are industry-wide popular experts who will help you to have a healthy process. Secondly, we apply the techniques with above the industry-standard technical support. 

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