Male Hair Loss Treatment

Male Hair Loss Treatment, Official estimates say that anywhere between 80% to 85% of men will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime. The hair loss situation affects both sexes, but it skews undoubtedly to affect more to the men than women. 

This is by design according to the patterns in which hair loss happens. Hair loss, known by its scientific name as androgenetic alopecia, goes by the name ‘male pattern baldness’ when it happens to men. 

The way the male pattern baldness proceeds is very distinctive and much different from female pattern baldness. Thus, it also has its own distinctive set of male hair loss treatment that seeks to stop it or, even, reverse it. 

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For each of the treatments, there are varying levels of success that accompany them. The different levels of effectiveness attached to each one of the treatments come from how they attempt to reverse the causes of hair loss. 

Causes Of Male Hair Loss

Both male hair loss and female hair loss happen for the very same reason regardless they manifesting in different patterns. As previously stated, the condition goes by the general name ‘Androgenetic Alopecia’. And the actual causes of Androgenetic Alopecia can be accurately surmised with two words: ‘genes’ and ‘hormones’. 

On the genetic front, you are very likely to find out in advance if you will face any baldness by looking at your family. In the case of males, it’s easier. A simple look at all the males of your extended family, not only your immediate family, should be quick. 

Male pattern baldness is so much easier to spot than female pattern baldness. Male start balding at the temples and the top of the hairline, making it look like it’s pulling back or receding. 

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A simple look through family photographs might suffice. When looking at these photographs, see if any male relative has noticeable traces of male pattern baldness. That if they still have any hair at all. 

The reason for this is that the reason one person is more susceptible to balding than others resides in the genes. Therefore, your parent passed to you these specific set of genes and their manifested characteristic, baldness. One parent, either your mom or dad, passed it down to you. 

Even more astonishing, though, even both of them might pass it down to their descendant. Thus, multiplying chances for you to actually begin balding. This happens regardless of if any of your parents actually showed any signs of baldness. Indeed, genes categories divide between ‘dominant’ and ‘recessive’. 

Hair Loss Genes and Hormone

In simple terms, a dominant gene is that which manifests. For example, if your hair colour is black, that means the gene that determines black hair colour is a dominant gene within you. Meanwhile, a recessive gene is that which does not manifest but that you carry nonetheless. Black haired children who have at least one blonde parent have chances of having a blonde descendant. 

This because they carry the gene for that as a recessive gene, and, therefore, did not express it themselves. Something very similar happens with a very specific set of genes which make you susceptible to hair loss. 

If they are recessive in you, there’s little chance of you balding. When they are dominant, however, you will experience some form of hair loss. What these genes do is not exactly make you go bald, rather they allow a certain hormone to make you bald. The hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the actual catalyst for hair loss in both men and women. The genes related to hair loss simply make you much more sensitive to its effects over time.

DHT And Male Hair Loss

DHT is an androgen, a male sex hormone. DHT actually forms itself due to the transforming of testosterone, the main male sex hormone. When an enzyme known as 5 Alpha Reductase reacts with testosterone circulating freely within the body, it transforms it in DHT. 

Like most hormones, DHT helps in the growth of the body and regulating it. That includes hair growth, in fact, at least for the earlier part of life. Starting past the mid-thirties, and even earlier in some cases, DHT starts the process of hair loss. 

DHT will, at some point, start binding itself with hormonal receptors in your hair follicles. The result of this binding leads to the hair follicles themselves to begin shrinking. A shrinking hair follicle leads to the thinning of the hair that grows from it. 

The shrinking and thinning continue progressively over time until the hair follicle ceases to grow any hair at all. This is the actual cause of baldness, and it’s a situation that each male hair loss treatment tackles differently.

Male Hair Loss Treatments

Naturally, since this a problem that plagues almost all of the male population at some point, various treatments were developed. Each product differs on how they tackle hair loss. Some have a topical mode of application, some are pills, and some are injectable. Thus, there’s a variety of options for you to choose which is the one most convenient for you. These are those products:

Follicle Plus Multivitamin

The hair comes out from the hair follicles which are very tiny cellular structures located beneath your skin, with the skin of your scalp holding the majority of them. In order for the hair follicle to sprout hair out, it needs nourishment. The blood of your body flows everywhere within it that includes a place as far up as your scalp. 

It is that blood flow running continuously to the scalp that provides the necessary nutrient for it to produce hair. But it just so happens that either interrupts that blood flow or reduces the level of vitamins it carries. Illness, Injury, surgery, malnutrition or a particularly bad diet are some of the common reasons for that.

When the hair is suddenly deprived of nutrients, it disrupts its normal growth cycle and causes it to fall. This will not happen if you keep feeding it vitamins directly. The Follicle Plus Multivitamin provides your body with the necessary nutrition it needs to grow.

A compound made out of 14 different natural ingredients keeps the hair production up and running. If you are looking to regain your hair sooner after it fell or simply to make it grow faster, this is the multivitamin for you.

Follicle Plus Repair Foam

After a hair transplant surgery, you can bet your bottom dollar that your scalp will be tender. It just went through surgery! It needs time to heal! During that time the zone remains very sensitive. Enough to give you some itching that you better not scratch if you want to keep your hair grafts intact. Instead, try the Follicle Plus Repair Foam. 

A special concoction that soothes the tender feeling of the scalp once you apply it. Just spray it on the zone and carefully disseminate it with one finger to cover all the tender area. Then let it sit, and you will forget you ever had any discomfort before it, making it a must-have product for aftercare treatment.

Follicle Plus Repair Shampoo

It is made out of green tea extract, zinc, and magnesium stearate. The Follicle Plus Repair Shampoo is a biotin-rich solution that exceedingly nurtures your hair in addition to washing it. The twofold shampoo gives your hair all it needs to grow faster while cleansing it and leaving it shinier. What is there not to love about it?

Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum

Have you ever heard of rich-platelet plasma injections? See, it is this procedure based on research about activating the body-healing factor without needing to sustain Injury. Long story short, a physician takes a sample of your blood from you. 

The blood goes to a centrifuge for a short while, and then the physician injects concentrated plasma blood back into you. This triggers the body-healing factor and accelerates the healing of injured tissue even if the damage it’s extensive. The treatment is greatly helpful in healing injured muscles, ligaments, tendons, and, also, to grow hair.

Now, imagine if something could do the same without having to take your blood and put it back into you? The Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum does just that. Through a special infusion of several natural ingredients, the injection of the formula can trigger just enough of the body-healing factor to stimulate hair growth. While helping heal muscles or tendons is something it will not do, your hair will grow fine and faster thanks to it.

Follicle Plus Beard Serum

Did you know that hair from your beard is a bit different from the hair on your head? It is located somewhere else for starters! The locations of the beard hair demand a product that stimulates the hair to grow while remaining sort of invisible. Everybody will be looking at your face when they see you. Don’t let them catch you with a bunch of white spray foam just because it will help you grow hair. Rather, the topical Follicle Plus Beard Serum remains undetectable after application. After applying it to your skin, your hair will grow faster, and now one will be able to tell you just applied it.

Advanced Hair Repair Serum

An enhanced form of the Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum, the Advanced Hair Repair Serum goes even farther. The compound goes into revitalizing nearly dead hair follicles into growing hair back again. Vitamins, minerals and moisturizers all combine into a product that supercharges hair growth for the user.

The Follicle Plus Hair Repair Serum just became even better. Its new form, the Advanced Hair Repair Serum is capable of revitalizing z nearly dead hair follicle! The product combines vitamins, minerals and moisturizers all into one. The result is an injectable serum that can supercharge the growth of even a hair follicle that is nearly on its way out! Don’t lose what could be the last chance to keep some of your hair, try the Advanced Hair Repair Serum to keep on keeping it. 

A Hair Transplant as The Ultimate Male Hair Loss Treatment

What every other single male hair loss treatment discussed previously have in common is that they are not permanent. Stop taking any of the compounds and hair loss continues, take off the toupee, surprise, still no hair beneath. 

So, it is not an exaggeration to say that a hair transplant is the single best male hair loss treatment. The reason for it? The results last a lifetime due to its nature. The hair transplant surgically extracts hairs from the back of the scalp to graft into the balding spots. 

Essentially, it gives you healthy, still growing hair follicles in the area where they shrunk already. The hair coming from the back of the scalp is thinning-resistant. Thus, extremely unlikely that the hair follicles from there would ever shrink, so the results are permanent! 

There’s no need for constant doses or repeated procedures every once in a while. A single hair transplant operation with a skilled surgeon is all you need to have your hair looking great again.


What kind of products help me for treating hair loss?

There are some products, including multivitamin, foam, shampoo, and serums that can help you to fight baldness. By getting in touch with us, you can learn which one helps you the most for having a proper solution for your case.

What is the main reason for male hair loss?

Hormon called DHT is the main reason behind hair loss.

Can male hair loss be fixed?

Yes, you can fix it either by using the products we provide or getting a hair transplant operation.

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