Dental Implants Abroad

Dental Implants Abroad

We all know how expensive the dental implant procedures can be in some certain countries such as the UK. However, there is a possibility of having a dental implant in another country. Doing this could save you a lot of money without compromising the quality of the operation. But of course, the same cannot be said for every country. Some countries may offer highly affordable dental implants, but their quality is questionable. That is why you should do a little bit of research before choosing your clinic.

Turkey is among the countries that the people highly recommend for having dental implants abroad. The country is well known for its dental tourism and many people choose it over the other options. That is because having a dental implant in Turkey offers many advantages to the patients. The patients who come to Turkey for dental procedures often report that it is more than just an affordable choice. Instead, they say that it was one of the best dentist experiences they have ever had

Dental Implants Abroad are More Affordable

Are you interested in having a high quality implant but do not want to pay too much money for it? Then, having your dental implant abroad may be the perfect solution for you. As a matter of fact, the clinics in some countries can offer very affordable solutions to their patients. 

Due to this reason, dental tourism has become very popular in the recent years. People now see that instead of paying 5 in the UK, they can pay 1 in Turkey and save large amounts of money. Moreover, choosing a Turkish clinic over a British clinic for instance, will not make you sacrifice the quality for price.

The cost of living in Turkey is affordable in general, and this makes most of the dental procedures cost less. For instance, if the salaries are lower, the doctors get less money. The rent is another expense that the clinics have to pay. However, in Turkey, the rents do not cost so much either, so, the procedure costs decrease even more.

The competition is another thing that makes the dental implants more affordable in Turkey. There are so many dental clinics in Turkey all of which are trying to attract more patients than their competitors. For this reason, they try to offer more affordable services to their patients. Our clinic in particular, is well-known for charging very reasonable prices for our dental implants.

Is dental implant in Turkey safe?

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for having dental procedures. People are coming here from all parts of the world for having a dental implant in Turkey. Most of these patients choose our clinic over the others, because we are one of the leading clinics in Turkey.

However, if you do not know much about Turkey, you might be curious about the dental implant services we offer. To begin with, Turkey is the best choice if you want to have a dental implant abroad. Because, the education in the medical schools in Turkey are very extensive and the doctors are highly skilled. In our clinic, we work only with the best doctors in the field of dental implant surgeries.

In our line of work, catching up with the innovations in the field of dental procedures is very important. That is why, we always follow the new trends in dentistry. Whenever we see a tried and tested method or equipment, we quickly employ it in our dental clinic. Due to all these reasons, the dental implant procedures in our clinic is highly sophisticated and safe. The risk of developing complications after one of our dental procedures is almost nonexistent. 

Remember that the dental implant procedure usually takes a couple of sessions until the doctors complete the process. During this time, you will need to accommodate in a hotel. Luckily, the hotels in Turkey are very safe and their prices are very affordable. 

Travelling to Turkey is Easy

If you have decided to have a dental implant abroad, there are not many locations easily accessible like Turkey. First of all, the geographical position of the country makes it close to most other countries. Besides, getting a visa is very simple, for most countries you do not even need it. So, you can freely travel into Turkey without strict limitations. 

Flights to some certain cities can be infrequent, and you may need to wait for weeks until finding a ticket. Fortunately, Istanbul is the most populated city in Europe and there are countless flights to it everyday. No matter where you live, your chances of finding a ticket to Istanbul within a day are very high.

It Can Work as a Vacation Too

Dental implants surgery does not have any heavy side effects after the procedure. So, if you travel abroad for the operation, you can see the sights of the place while you are there. Istanbul is definitely one of those cities that everyone must see even if for once. The dental implant can be a great opportunity for you to visit the city and enjoy your time here.


How much money do I save by having a dental implant abroad?

That depends on the prices of dental implants in your country and the country you wish to travel to. The prices in Turkey are some of the most affordable in the world right now.

Why do the dental implants in Turkey cost less?

Because, the cost of living in Turkey is very low and therefore the expenses of the clinics are minimal. Besides, there is a lot of competition among the dental clinics. As a result of that, clinics are trying to offer lower costs for attracting more patients.

Is Turkey a good location for having a dental implant?

Turkey is one of the leading countries in dental procedures, and dental implants are no exception. The quality of the used equipments and the skill of the doctors are so far unmatched. Besides, it is easy to travel to. So, when all of these qualities are combined, Turkey is an excellent place for a dental implant.

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