Male Pattern Baldness In Women

Male Pattern Baldness In Women Hair loss is one of the extremely serious and problematic issues that may occur in different types and ways for males as well as females including: The male-pattern baldness, the female-pattern baldness known as the androgenetic alopecia, the alopecia areata, the alopecia totalis, the alopecia universalis, the anagen effluvium, the telogen effluvium … etc, in this article we will shed light on one of those common types which is the male pattern baldness in women. What is this type? How does it occur, and what are its characteristics? What are the factors that lie behind male pattern baldness in  women ? And how it could be treated? Keep reading the rest of the article, and you will get all the answers you are looking for in detail.

Before analysing the male pattern baldness in women, We need first to highlight and define the male pattern baldness per se, what is this issue?

According to the American National Library of Medicine (NLM), more than 50 percent of males whose hair is falling over the age of 50  suffer from male pattern baldness. This pattern is regarded as the most common type of hair loss and it appears first in the sides and temples of the head in the shape of the letter M, and then it affects the vertex ( the crown area ) , if it does not get treated early, it may affect the whole head and eventually lead to complete baldness. The male pattern baldness in women however appears differently. In fact, unlike men, this type does not damage a specific part of the head for females, it is  rather characterised by a kind of thinning that affects the full head especially the top of it.

After defining the Male pattern baldness in women, what are its causes and factors? Is it heredity or other reasons?

Generally, the Androgenetic Alopecia occurs due to genetic factors and heredity. So if you have any first degree or second-degree relatives having the same issue, you should know that you are very likely to face this problem. But heredity is not the only factor, there are Multiple reasons that result in Male pattern baldness in women such as:

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  • Hormonal disturbances: this issue is highly common for females specifically, and it may occur during various periods such as the childbirth, the pregnancy, the menopause or due to various diseases like the thyroid.
  • Nutritional disorders: if your diet is not balanced ,and lacks the basic necessities like vitamins, proteins, irons and minerals, you will probably face this problem, because our hair and our food are interlocked.
  • Mental disorders: the psychological disorders such as acute depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety … may also lead to male pattern baldness in women.
  • Environmental factors: Sometimes, the environmental causes, like the air pollution, the water pollution and the high humidity negatively affect the hair as well, and may cause this type of hair loss.
  • Some health conditions and diseases: multiple illnesses such as the autoimmune disorders, Anemia, severe blood pressure, the chronic diseases including diabetes and heart illnesses could also be  one of the reasons that lie behind male pattern baldness in women.
  • Some medications like the Child birth pills.

After we highlighted the causes of this issue , we will now underscore  the existing treatments of this problem.

In fact, as we mentioned, there are a lot of causes that could result in male pattern boldness in women, so depending on the cause, the doctor will decide which treatment will fit your case.

case the reason behind hair loss is related to some diseases like the hormonal disorders, chronic diseases, the regular use of some medications like the contraceptive pills, you need to visit your doctor, and he will suggest for you other medicines that do not affect your hair.

case the occurs due to hereditary reasons, the hair follicles will gradually die Which will cause baldness in different parts of the head like the crown, the top of the head, the frontline…etc, and the only solution for this case is hair transplant. This procedure is done through various techniques either surgical  like the Follicular Unit Transplantation known as the FUT technique, or the non-surgical ones like the  Follicular Unit Extraction referred to as the FUE method, or the recently developed techniques such as the DHI method or the DHI PRO which is a perfect option for females as it could be done without even shaving the hair.

To conclude, male pattern baldness in women is one of the most common types of hair loss that may occur due to various problems like the nutritional deficiencies, the heredity, some medical conditions including chronic diseases, hormonal disorders and psychological issues. Once you notice that your hair is falling, do not underestimate or belittle it, it is a serious problem that may lead to total baldness if you do not treat it early.

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