Hair Transplant Process And Cost

Thanks To the astonishing and startling medical advancement that the cosmetic field including; the plastic surgeries, the hair transplant process, and the cosmetic dentistry has achieved in the current century, millions of people around the world chose to undergo those procedures for the sake of ameliorating and refining their external beauty which will be positively reverberated on their self-esteem and inner satisfaction. One of the most common and prevalent procedures that proved to be highly successful and effective is the hair transplant.

The Hair Transplant Process

In fact,  according to the Hair Society reports,around  35 million men and 21 million women suffer from alopecia or hair loss worldwide, and Over 700.000 of them undergo hair transplant yearly  to get rid  of this irritating and troublesome issue. In this context, this article will highlight the hair transplant process and cost by underlying the different methods used, the characteristics of each one, the best one of them so far, and their cost. If you are looking for more details about this topic, keep reading, this article will indubitably help you.

The cost of the hair transplant process

is always determined after examining the case of every patient depending on the number of hair follicles that he/she needs, depending on the applied method, and depending on the reputation as well as the experience of the medical staff who is going to perform the operation. So before we shed light on the pricing of this procedure, we need to delve deeper into the process and define it first. What is hair transplant? How is it applied?

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The hair transplant process is a highly efficacious procedure that consists simply of harvesting hair grafts from the donor areas ( which are basically three; the back of the head which  is the main one, the chest and the beard), and transplanting them in the bald and empty areas either in the scalp, the eyebrows or the beard.

As far as the hair transplant methods are concerned, from the last decades of the twentieth century, multiple techniques have been invented and developed, and as we mentioned above , the method used is one of the most fundamental things that identify the cost of the hair transplant process. So what are those various techniques and what is the best one of them?

Basically, there are around four techniques in hair transplant which are :

  • The Follicular Extraction Transplantation known as the FUT method or the strip method. It is a very old surgical procedure that is applied by cutting a whole strip from the donor area ( which harms the donor area and leaves a permanent scar), extracting the follicles from it, opening channels in the recipient area and finally transplanting those hair grafts in it.
  • The Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as the FUE technique. It is done by extracting the hair grafts one by one from the donor area either manually or using a medical instrument called the micro fue which does not damage the donor area and does not cause any scars, carefully opening incisions in the bald area and transplanting the follicles.
  • The Direct Hair Implantation referred to it as the DHI method. This technique is done through two steps only; first, the extraction of the hair follicles from the donor area using the micro fue, and the Transplantation of these grafts in the recipient area ( the scalp, the beard, the eyebrows ) using the choi pen or the choi implanter without opening any incisions or channels as it is done in the fue method.
  • The most recent and best method is called the Direct Hair Implantation Pro, or the dhi pro. This technique has been developed by one of the best international hospitals in the world which is Clinic Expert Hospitals in Istanbul Turkey. And it is applied by first injecting the Platelet- rich plasma in the donor area to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles, and in the recipient area to stimulate the blood circulation and turn it into a fertile ground before getting transplanted.Second, before applying the anesthesia, the patient will undergo the Low-Laser Therapy which is highly effective in triggering  the blood cells and hair follicles in the area.Thirdly the doctor will apply the dhi method which is already analyzed in the precedent paragraph.

So axiomatically, the better the technique used is, the higher the price will be. And obviously , the best method so far is the dhi pro. In addition to the technique, Hair transplant process and cost depends on the experience and the competence of the doctor.So if you select a highly professional and skillful doctor who has a good experience in this field,  expect the price to be a bit higher compared to other hospitals.

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The Hair Transplant Cost

To sum up, The Hair Transplant process and cost has a correlated and causal relationship,  because depending on multiple facts including: the method used, the reputation of the hospital and the experience of the doctor, the cost will be determined.

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