How To Regrow My Hair?

How To Regrow My Hair? Even though hair loss, what is medically referred to as Alopecia, is not regarded as a deadly, mortal or life-threatening disease, it is a highly serious and irritating problem that may cause severe psychiatric disorders such as low-self esteem, anxiety, post- traumatic stress disorders, social phobia known also as the social anxiety disorder which is the pathological fear of meeting people and being socially active; that’s why once anyone notices that his hair is shedding, the first question that leaps to his/her mind first is the following:

How to regrow my hair? Is this even possible? Do I have to undergo a surgical procedure to solve this problem? or are there any effective non-surgical alternatives that I could apply without needing any surgical intervention? This article will thoroughly answer all of these questions by focusing on the existing options for the recurrent query: how to regrow my hair?

Before we move to the frequently asked inquiry: how to regrow my hair, we need first to know if it is possible to regrow my hair in the first place or not. Actually, there are two categories  of hair loss; the first type is the one that damages the hair causing its breakage, brittleness, dehydration and dryness leading eventually to its shedding. And the second type which causes the total death of the hair root or the hair graft itself. In the first case, since the hair follicle is still alive, but it is rather partially damaged or dormant, it could be treated by different means.

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In the second case, however, once the hair root is dead regardless of the reason, it could never be revived or cured. And in case any doctor or specialist around the world tries to sell you any product claiming that it helps in reviving the dead grafts, be certain that he is just a fraudster and trickster who is trying to decieve desperate patients. Because they totally know that anyone who faces this problem will most of the time blindly buy any suggested product for the sake of getting his/her back.

After we clarified the treatable and the non- treatable types of hair loss, we will now accentuate the repeatedly asked question: how to regrow my hair? What are the surgical and non- surgical possible treatments for this issue? And what is the most effective one?

What Is The Most Effective One?

First of all, once we figure out that our hair is excessively falling, we have to consult a doctor as soon as possible to save our hair from baldness before it becomes impossible and too late.And here,  we insist on the necessity of choosing a highly professional, experienced and credible doctor whose top priority is the satisfaction of the patient and not the financial gain.  In Addition, we advise you to consult a competent doctor in Turkey because this country has ranked first in the world ,from the end of the last century, in the cosmetic field including the hair refinement procedures ( both surgical and non- surgical).  For instance, if you contact one  of the well-known hospitals worldwide such as Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey, they will offer you a free consultation either in the hospital or online in case you are in a different country.

After finding the best doctor , the  latter will figure out the main factor that lies behind hair loss, he will check if the hair follicles are just damaged or totally dead, and depending on these information, he will suggest for you the best suitable   treatment for your case. The existing treatments nowadays could be classified into two categories:

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  • The possible therapies for the damaged and alive hair grafts: these treatments include the Platelet- Rich Plasma, the Low-Laser Therapy, the food supplements ( like multivitamins, irons, minerals and proteins.. for people who suffer from nutritional disorders), natural products like shampoos, conditioners, serums, oils … that do not contain any chemicals like parabens and sulfates.
  • The possible therapies for the dead hair follicles: as we mentioned above, unfortunately there is no product that could revive the dead grafts, the only option that you have if you are suffering from this type of hair loss and you are asking yourself: how to regrow my hair, which generally occurs due to genetic and hereditary reasons is The hair Transplant. The latter option has proved to be highly effective in order to implant new hair grafts through non-surgical  techniques like the dhi and the dhi pro and get rid of baldness completely.

To sum up, how to regrow my hair, is one of  the most frequently posed and asked questions from people who are suffering from any type of hair loss, and thanks to the medical advancement that the world has witnessed in this domain, there are multiple efficacious and efficient treatments.

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