Hair Follicle Surgery

Hair follicle surgery is an important treatment for people with hair loss or baldness problems. The purpose of hair follicle surgery is to ensure that people with baldness and hair loss regain their hair. In the hair follicle surgery method, the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from the neck and transplanted to places where there is no hair or where there is a loss. Thus, the transplanted hair begins to grow and the baldness problem is eliminated. Hair follicle surgery is the best treatment method used today and its results are guaranteed. 97 of every 100 hair transplanted will grow. In some people, even 99% of the transplanted hair can grow.

Why Is Hair Follicle Surgery Needed?

The person’s hairstyle, hair color, and hair length reflect his / her position and style in life. The bushiness of the hair reflects the youth of the person, while the lack of hair causes the perception of old. This negative perception affects people negatively in all areas. Therefore, our hair is very important to us. Despite all its negative effects on individuals, 50% of 50-year-old men experience hair loss. To end this situation, people have been trying treatment options that take many years. Unfortunately, the regrowth of hair shed with medical treatments cannot be achieved with medical treatments, and the most effective treatment of hair loss in our modern world is hair follicle surgery.

How Long Does Hair Follicle Surgery Last?

Hair follicle surgery duration may vary from person to person. Because each person’s head structure is different and the method applied may also be different. Hair follicle surgery times may vary depending on the techniques to be applied. Hair follicle surgery generally takes 6 to 8 hours.

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When Will Hair Grow After Hair Follicle Surgery?

Although the period of new hair transplanted after the procedure varies from person to person, it starts to grow at the earliest in the 6th month. Transplanted hair continues to grow throughout the year. 3 months after hair transplantation is very important. It is very important to nourish the hair follicles immediately after vitamin aesthetics, healthy nutrition, good sleep pattern, non-smoking, and the 3rd month after hair transplantation.

What Should Be Considered Before Hair Follicle Surgery?

Before hair follicle surgery, you should learn the most important issues by talking with the doctor. Some preparations may be required before hair follicle surgery and failure to complete these preparations may cause problems in hair transplantation. In general, the following should be considered before hair follicle surgery:

  • Smoking should be stopped at least one week before,
  • Alcohol should be reduced or stopped at least one week in advance,
  • You should come to the application with a good rest and sleep well the night before,
  • You should not be hungry and have a nice breakfast.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Follicle Surgery?

After hair follicle surgery, if you are careless, the transplanted hair may be damaged and the transplanted hair may not grow. Your doctor will give all the necessary information about this. In general, the following should be considered after hair follicle surgery:

  • The body should be rested and time should be spent at home during this process.
  • It is normal to have pain during this period. For this, pain relievers should be taken regularly.
  • There should not be rubbing on the transplanted area.
  • The head should be protected and should not be subjected to the slightest impact.
  • Fluid consumption should be excessive. On average, it is recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water during the day.
  • It should be constantly protected from the sun. Because the sun can damage the grafts in the transplanted area. If possible, you should not go out in the sun.
  • Hair should not be washed unless recommended by your doctor.
  • Alcohol, sexual intercourse, and drinks with too much caffeine should be avoided.
  • If you are going out, you should wear a very soft hat.
  • These days there will be edema and swelling. Because of this, there may be a pain. For this, plenty of water should be drunk and painkillers should be taken occasionally.
  • The way of lying is very important. While lying down, the transplanted area should not rub against the pillow. For this, one should lie on your back. The nape area may rub against the pillow, so there will be no problem.

How Is The Healing Process After Hair Follicle Surgery?

The general healing process after hair follicle surgery is as follows:

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  • In the first week of the operation, a small amount of redness may be experienced in the treated area. If there is swelling, it disappears within 2 days and although the pain is not frequent, a slight pain may be felt for the first few days. Your doctor will share with you the necessary medications, lotions, and application methods.
  • There may be crusting. Post-operative crusting is considered a part of healing and will be completely gone on the 10th day.
  • If you have sensitive skin, the redness will disappear in the 2nd week.
  • Some of the transplanted hair may fall out by the 3rd week. It is not a cause for concern, this is normal and not a sign that something is wrong.
  • Finally, the desired results are achieved in about 6 to 9 months and the top region called vertex needs a year.
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