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Hair Transplant In Atlanta According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, there are more than 35 million people in the United States Of America who suffer from hair loss, which means that around one out of five American citizens is losing hair.Those startling statistics are a concrete proof that hair shedding is a highly common and severe issue in this country which makes a huge number of Americans  go for multiple surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as the hair transplant process in different States like; New York, Chicago, New Jersey Atlanta,California,Florida….etc.

In this article we will underscore The characteristics of the hair Transplant procedure in one of those states which is the Capital city of the American South, the A-town; Atlanta. What are the hair transplant methods that are applied in this state nowadays? How much does this process cost there? Since a lot of Americans chose to undergo Hair Transplant in Atlanta, can we consider it as the best destination worldwide in terms of experience, proficiency, competence and price?

Before answering the above-mentioned inquiries, and shedding light on the Hair Transplant in Atlanta, what is this process in the first place?

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Hair Transplant is a very simple procedure that is applied by extracting hair follicles ( which is The root of the hair that is made up of protein cells and is nourished by blood from nearby blood vessels) from the donor area, and transplanting them in the bald areas either in the head, the eyebrows, the beard, the chin or the moustache through various methods. Those techniques could be divided into two different categories as following:

  1. The surgical hair transplant procedures: They include the oldest method in HT which is called The Follicular Unit Transplantation ( FUT ). And the latter is normally no longer used because it has a variety of drawbacks and also because better techniques have been developed during the last two decades.
  2. The non-surgical hair transplant procedures which include: The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and the most recent one which is the Direct Hair Implantation pro ( DHI PRO ).

After we defined in brief the process, what are the characteristics of Hair Transplant in Atlanta in terms of competence and cost?

  • In terms of experience and professionalism, Hair Transplant in Atlanta could not be regarded as the best option; because in this state, they are still applying outdated technologies which should not be used any longer like the FUT technique.And as we already mentioned, this method proved to be inefficient and harmful as it causes deleterious outcomes such as the permanent scars in the donor area. Furthermore, in Atlanta the most recent methods like the dhi and the dhi pro which proved to be highly effective and successful are not applied yet.Hence, the hair transplant hospitals in Atlanta are not experienced enough compared to other countries around the world, and hair transplant doctors there are not au courant with the huge advancement that this field has witnessed recently.
  • In terms of pricing, Hair Transplant in Atlanta is highly overpriced as it ranges from $5000 to 20.0000 US Dollars. For the majority of Americans, this price is outrageous and exorbitant  which makes the procedure inaccessible and impossible for a lot of people. Hence, they become desperately hopeless and they either accept their destiny to become bald as they are incapable of affording such a big amount, or they fall in a vicious circle of psychological depression, stress and anxiety which makes their situations worse.

So is there any better option for them? As Hair Transplant in Atlanta is not appropriate neither in terms of money nor in terms of competence, what is the alternative?

In the last two decades, Turkey has witnessed an astonishing advancement in hair transplant, and it is classified today as the best destination worldwide where you can undergo a satisfying and highly successful hair transplant procedure with a very reasonable price.

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So if you are suffering from hair loss, and you are eligible for this procedure, be certain that Turkey is your best destination in terms of competence, taking in consideration that in this country international hospitals like Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey are applying the most recent methods like the DHI and the DHI PRO, and in terms of cost.

While the hair transplant may cost you around 20.000 Us Dollars in Atlanta, in Turkey you can get an all inclusive package that comprises the procedure with the best method, the flight ticket, the accommodation, the needed medications, the shampoo, the transportation between the hospital,  the hotel and the airport…etc for less than the quarter of the above-mentioned price.

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To conclude, by scrutinizing the features of Hair transplant in Atlanta, we deduce that this state is not the right place to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Turkey,however, has proved to be the best destination in terms of experience, competence and cost.

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