Why Do Women Lose Hair After Pregnancy?

Why Do Women Lose Hair After Pregnancy? You can look  forward to holding your baby in your arms, but you may encounter some surprises after the birth that may worry you for example lose hair problem actually you shouldn’t worry about that. Usually this is transient problem but why, why do women lose hair after pregnancy, in Turkey we can say this problem is quite famous for that hair transplant in Turkey has much experience about this solution. Don’t worry you will see everything about this problem in this article

Why is it happening?

Of course the first reason about stress, because everyone knows baby comes with one billion responsibilities. The mom can be stressful because of these. The sadness that may be experienced during and after pregnancy, and these are make different effects on the mom. We can see these different effects on her behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and also even we can easily say we can see some changes on her physical and mental health. Women giving birth can lose hair for the first time actually it is normal and quite a common problem. Experts say, specially first six months hair lose is normal, let’s see these reasons and for that is hair transplant necessary?

 The Most Common Reasons

Hormones increase rapidly during pregnancy and after pregnancy hormones are going to down. We can say the first reason is disruption of hormonal balance, when this problem is mixing with anxiety and worry hair lose problem is coming. Also, it can be about breast-feeding but if you are losing really much hair it can be about other reasons there are some reasons iron deficiency, malnutrition, also if we talk about hair transplant you should wait about one year after birth cause in this operation you will use something chemical medicine and it can damage to baby if you wait you will take the best hair transplant results

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What Should We Do?

New moms want to enjoy with  new mom feels but  if you have hair loss problem it can be bothering you. Firstly you should understand this situation is normal, and you should stop worry about that. Don’t forget every thing starts in your mind if you stop think like that it will be helpful for your problem if you eat balanced and specially if you prefer foods containing omega three it will make faster this situation. Also, hair care is quite important. Specially you should stop every chemical something for example hair dye if you do this it can be good starting for your hair health. Choose a wide-tipped comb for your hair it will protect your hair health too.

Let your hair dry on its own for hot days, don’t use a hair dryer whenever possible. You can try to use maintenance oils for your hair to become strong and healthy. Prefer national shampoo if you did all of them and your problem is still kept going you can see a doctor and want information about that. You can hear something to your friends or your family every time you should ask your doctor before try new technique because it can be risky for your health or the most important one is for your baby.

When Does Postpartum Hair Loss End?

Usually this situation manifests itself in the first month of birth. You can lose quite more hair for the first two months. For some women this situation ending in three months but for some women it can keep going until sixth months too. Even although rare, it may continue in the first year. If you use the things we just said you can shorten this period considerably.

Hair Transplant

Yes we talked about hair loss but if we don’t talk about Hair Transplant this article will be incomplete. Hair transplant is looking like the best solution for hair loss actually it is true. In two thousand and twenty technology has improved a lot and hair transplant became the most guaranteed way for every hair loss problem and postpartum hair loss is in the problems too. Firstly we should say you have to wait one year for do hair transplant but after that it is safety and necessary.

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You should choose the most reliable hair transplant sector cause the object is your hair and here I should talk about hair transplant Turkey because it has a strong place for hair transplant sector, if you search doctors you can trust you should choose it. The doctors have so much experience for these operations because for postpartum hair loss problem so famous in Turkey. For new and modern techniques, technology and extremely reliable service you should choose Turkey and in the cities the most popular one and also the most advanced one is Istanbul. Come and solve your every problem about your hair and of course your health!.

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