How To Regrow Hair After Hair Fall? 

How To Regrow Hair After Hair Fall?  Hair shedding or hair fall is one of the most common bothering problems worldwide that affect more than 80% of men, and more than 30 of women. 

In case you are suffering from hair loss and you are looking for efficient options on how to regrow hair after hair fall, the following article is for you. 

Are you desperate about hair fall, and you have not found any solution yet? Do not worry, there are multiple existing solutions that are quite efficient and effective, all what you need is to carefully follow the instructions. 

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Most Important Tip For Hair Fall

Firstly, and the most important tip is to never trivialize this problem, it could be a temporary hair loss, but there is a possibility that it could be also a chronic hair fall which may lead to total baldness that couldn’t be solved later. So, once you remark that your hair is excessively falling on a daily basis, do not postpone it and consult a doctor immediately to tell you how to regrow hair after hair fall.

The question that rises now is the following: where can I find a good and reliant doctor whom I can trust, and with whom I am certain that my hair will go back to its normal state? In fact, nowadays, all the statistics and figures prove that for the last two decades, Turkey has been on the top list in the medical field and more specifically the aesthetic one including the hair transplant, the plastic surgeries and the cosmetic dentistry as well.

Best Way To Regrow Hair

So if you want someone to solve your irritating issue and find for you the best way to regrow hair after hair fall, be certain that Turkey is your best destination. If you already live there, you can get in touch with one of the most trustworthy, reputable and reliable international hospitals there such as Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey. Once you call them, a specialist and a medical consultant will contact you immediately, he/she will take for you an appointment with a competent and experienced doctor as soon as you want.

Good News After Hair Fall

The good news is that this consultation would cost you nothing, it would be for free. Not only the consultation actually, once you ask for an appointment, the medical consultant will arrange for you the transportation between your house and the hospital, and vice versa also for free. But what if I do not live in Turkey? Should I travel there to consult a doctor who could show me how to regrow hair after hair fall? Of course not, it is a way easier than you might think.

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The Solution Quite And Simple

The solution is quite simple, all what you need to do is to email them or call them directly, a medical consultant will be on your service. He will ask you to answer a few questions related to your medical file to know every detail about your case, and to send some clear photos of your hair from different angles: the front, the top of the head and the back of the head.


He will send them to one of the most reputable and talented doctors worldwide, and soon enough (generally in no more than 24hours), he will provide you with a thorough and detailed diagnosis, and he will suggest for you the best treatment that perfectly suit your case, and he will tell you how to regrow your hair after hair fall. All of this process is for free as well, you are not supposed to pay anything at all. 

The possible solutions and treatments for hair fall are numerous: 

  • Low- laser Therapy LLT.
  • The Platelet-rich Plasma.
  • The hair products.
  • The treatment of a certain disease that causes hair fall ( like hormonal illnesses).
  • Natural hair products that are parabens, silicone and sulfate free.
  • Hair transplant.

And choosing the best one for every case depends on the type of hair loss that every patient has, and depending on the reason that has actually caused this problem such as: 

  • Hereditary factors like the Androgenetic alopecia. 
  • Nutritional deficiencies: the lack of vitamins, proteins and minerals. 
  • Hormonal imbalances: that may occur for multiple reasons such as pregnancy, menopause  childbirth…etc. 
  • Some Chronic diseases: like the second type of diabetes, the anemia, the severe blood pressure and heart diseases…etc.
  • The use of certain medications: like the hormonal medicines including the childbirth pills such as the contraceptive pills which contain a high level of progesterone and estrogen.
  • Psychological disorders: depression, anxiety, stress, OCD s (obsessive compulsive disorders), acute depression, trichomania..etc 

To wrap up, how to regrow hair after hair fall is a multiple response item that could be answered differently depending on the case of every patient,the type of hair loss he or she has, and the possible causes that lie behind its occurence. 

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