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Hair Loss Overtime Does hair loss worry you too much? The first thing that people who start to lose hair want to learn from doctors is whether hair loss will be permanent or not. Permanent hair loss is not treated, hair loss increases gradually. Even if treatment is sometimes applied, hair loss can continue. Some of the permanent spills can damage the scalp and leave a scar in a certain area.

So we learn that this situation necessary to attach great importance to this issue. Let’s learn more information about this situation together!

How is Hair Made?

As we know that Hair consists of a protein called keratin produced in the hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin. Old cells are pushed about 15 cm a year from the skin’s surface while the follicles produce new hair cells, So we can say that the hair you can see is a string of dead keratin cells. On normally an adult head has about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. Hair is the general name given to the hair cluster on the head. Hair grows faster than other hair clusters.

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The growth rate of the hair is 0.03 mm per day on average. and 0.04 mm. In other words, in a healthy person, the hair strand is approximately 1 cm per month. prolonged. Since the growth and pause phases of each hair are independent of each other, one hair may fall out while the other hair grows. All hairs in newborn babies are in the same phase.

For this reason, “Hair Loss” is suddenly seen in babies of 2-3 weeks. After 6 months, the hair fits the hair pattern of adults. When we look from a psychological point of view, we can say that various characteristics distinguish people from each other. Hair is one of the most diverse structures among these characteristics. Its color, shape, and length are different from person to person. Apart from all this natural diversity, people change the appearance of their hair in line with their tastes and tastes, making it a part of their outer appearance. The importance of hair for individuals is understood in the changing hairstyles for centuries. So we understand that The shape and health of the hair are very important for people’s psychology.

Is It Normal Hair Loss or the Beginning of Baldness?

Hair Loss Overtime Firstly, when the person feels a hair loss, S/he should not worry because this is a healthy and normal event. The life cycle of the hair consists of 3 phases: Anagen (active growth), Catagen (transition), and Telogen (rest). The Anagen phase lasts approximately 1000 days, the Catgenic phase for a few weeks, and the Telogen phase approximately 100 days. At any time, 5-10% of the hair is in the telogen phase.

Different hair follicles on the scalp exist at different stages at any given time. Hair her average 1 cm. It grows for 2-6 years and then stops growing for 2-4 weeks. After this period, Of course, we can say that every person loses hair to a certain extent. This extent can be 50-100 hair strands in a day. If your hair falls between 50 and 100 strands, you don’t need to worry but if your hair sheds more than this rate, this can be a little worrying. This situation occurs in both men and women but more common in men. One in three men faces this risk. Hair Loss Overtime

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If your hair falls out quickly from the top of your head, this may be an important sign of baldness. Also, we see that the thinning and weakening of the hair is the beginning of baldness. In general, slight hair growth is observed in hair loss, in the parts of the hair that do not replace it. Do not worry if you are experiencing these, you are not late for hair transplantation. As we know hair transplantation is now a very common and successful operation. Let’s look at the hair transplantation methods in more detail.

Hair Transplant Methods

Hair transplant methods are divided into two. Both techniques provide live hair follicle transplant. At the same time, general anesthesia is not required for two treatments. We can say that the biggest difference between them is the way the hair is taken. In the first technique, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), does not leave any traces in the area where the hair is removed. The other technique is DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method also enable to leave any traces in the area. In both methods, there is no scar on the planted area in the right hands.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) – Non-Surgical Hair Transplant: We see that the hair is taken from the same area In the FUE method. In other words, it is taken from the area between the two ears, But we see a difference in here the way the hair is taken is different because hair is taken with a punch tool with a 1mm diameter tip. Just above the number of hair in each 1 mm, diameter tissue removed maybe around one, two, or three. In this method, 1000-1500 hair strands can be transplanted a day. The procedure can be applied for 3 to 4 days consecutively. When planting is done in a row for 4 days, 4000-5000 hair can be transplanted. The number of sessions depends entirely on the person, for example, the number of hair follicle transplants and the hairless or sparse area. While 5000-6000 hair strands can be transplanted in the classical method in one session, 4000-5000 hair strands can be transplanted when the FUE method is transplanted for 3-4 days. In other words, when 3-4 days consecutively transplantation is performed, the number of hair strands made in one session with the classical method is approached.
  • DHI Hair Transplant Method: When we look at the DHI hair transplant method, we can say that this method allows the hair to be transplanted without shaving. This treatment takes place quickly, therefore we do not have the fear of damaging the hair follicle here. There is a very natural appearance in this treatment. In addition to its hair is not damaged. DHI Hair Transplant; It is an application in which quality hair follicles, which are collected from the donor area, are placed in the transplantation area with the help of special pens. Medical apparatus resembling a pen that helps the placement of grafts in the DHI method. So the apparatus can open channels and also it can make to placement root. We see performed with local anesthesia. The grafts with a piece of tissue on them while being collected are placed in the transplantation area with the help of a special medical pen after they are subjected to separation. This method is the most preferred today.

As can be understood from this article, you should not be panic about hair loss, because nowadays its treatment is very common and healthy. Both of the hair transplant methods are the most known methods in the world. Since the hair cycle is a slow period, it is occasionally seen that the benefit of any treatment is seen. If you feel these symptoms, contact us. We are always with you in our top-notch healthcare systems and methods. Hair Loss Overtime

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