How to Find the Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey?

How to Find the Best Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey?

Turkey has become one of the main destinations for the best plastic surgery clinic in recent years. Many of these clinics welcome not only for the Turkish citizens, but also for the foreigners for cosmetic surgery in Turkey. We can name several reasons behind them– the country has a central location between the West and the East, attracting many foreign patients from all around the world. When you couple it on to low prices, you can see why Turkey is a far superior option to most other European countries.

We know that the number of patients coming to Turkey for cosmetic surgery is over one million per year. Even in the first half of 2022, the number of foreign patients coming to our country is over 600 thousand, so if we calculate that we can say that the total number of patients in a year is over one million.

Unfortunately, not all aesthetic clinics in Turkey are able to provide specific requirements for you. If you are determined to find the best plastic surgery clinic in Turkey you need to be careful.

Here, we have a list that can guide you during your search:

Look for the Top Plastic Surgeons in Turkey

Needless to say, the first thing you should definitely pay attention to is that the doctors in the clinic you choose really have European board certification. You can get confirmation from medical consultants to be sure of the authenticity of the clinic and the surgeon.

The next thing you should focus on is the experience and achievements of the surgeon who will conduct your treatment. There are so many top plastic surgeons in Turkey, who are very competent in their fields. You can take the criteria below to be sure that you find a good surgeon.

Ask for Credentials

We take credentials in the health industry quite seriously in Turkey. All of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey can guarantee you that they have been properly trained before they were hired within a clinic or hospital. If they have specialized in a particular area, such as plastic surgery, then they probably have continued their education and practice after university and have certificates.

Furthermore, the best plastic surgeons in Turkey are members of the Turkish Medical Association, which is affiliated to the World Medical Association. So if you want to select the best plastic surgery clinic in Turkey, you cannot overlook these certificates and memberships.

Learn the Specialization of the Plastic Surgeon

If you decide to engage in health tourism, we can only guess that you need treatment for complex issues. Thus, you will require a plastic surgeon with a particular specialization. You cannot settle for a general practitioner for your nose, face, or body operations. You may even need a combined surgery for a few operations. In this case, make sure that you learn the specialization of the plastic surgeon you choose.

Experience of the Doctors in the Clinic

Remember that the more experienced a plastics surgeon is, the better. You must find a surgeon with many years of experience in their particular field. Because experience means that the surgeon has done many surgeries before and is well-equipped to handle any case that they come across. Since we perform plastic surgery mostly for aesthetic concerns, they are not life-threatening operations. And it’s true. In the hands of a good doctor, the odds of anything going wrong are very low. However, it should not be forgotten that all operations performed under general anesthesia have some risks. Make sure you entrust yourself to a reliable doctor and clinic.

Is the Clinic able to Provide All Your Needs?

Considering that you are flying from your own country to Turkey for cosmetic surgery, it is very important that the clinic or hospital you go to is fully equipped. Make certain that all your issues can be taken care of in one place. Otherwise, it can be quite exhausting and expensive to try to get your work done.

Choose All-Inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Turkey Packages 

The best plastic surgery hospitals in Turkey offer their patients affordable packages which includes the hospital and the doctor’s fees, accommodation , and VIP transfers from the airport to the hospital and the hotel you will be staying. If you choose a package that only includes hospital expenses, the flight, accommodation and local transportation costs will be entirely yours. Especially if you are coming to Turkey for the first time, you may find it difficult to find a centrally located hotel close to the hospital where you will be treated. It would be better for you to choose all-inclusive packages instead.

Does the Clinic Use Modern Technology in Cosmetic Surgery?

The impact of modern technology on plastic surgery is indisputable. Therefore, you should stay away from a clinic that does not use modern techniques, methods and technologies. Such cosmetic clinics and plastic surgery hospitals may be attractive to you because they are more affordable. However, it is about your health and getting a beautiful appearance. You cannot risk it. Make sure you have the latest and up-to-date techniques. Otherwise, the results may not meet your expectations.

Be Sure About the Quality of the Products

Last, but definitely not least, check on the quality of the products the clinic or hospital uses. As you may know there are many elements in aesthetic operations. Numerous products and materials will go into improving your appearance. It is vital to ensure that the products and materials used are of the highest quality. The quality of the products used in plastic surgery operations not only affects your health, but also closely affects the permanence of the results you get with the surgery.

After having all this information, you can look for your options of plastic surgery in Turkey. Today, there are so many clinics and hospitals that carry out aesthetic operations in Turkey and yet ClinicExpert stands out as one of the best with it’s over 12 years of experience. If you consider having a serious surgical operation like rhinoplasty, ultrasonic rhinoplasty, or breast augmentation, please make sure you are working with the right team. You cannot entrust yourself to someone with less than 10 years of experience. Send us a message via Whatsapp below and our specialists will help you within seconds.

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