Hair Thickening Injections

Hair Thickening Injections Many procedures can be done to keep the hair healthy. Oils, serums and shampoos. External reinforcements require you to wait for a while and continue patiently. However, serums applied directly to the hair follicle both reduce your waiting time and guarantee success. Thanks to hair thickening injections otherly known as meso hair, your hair becomes stronger than before.

What Is Meso hair?

The term Meso hair is used to describe mesotherapy of the scalp, i.e. the dermatological treatment of the scalp with injections. Individually composed combinations of active ingredients are injected into the skin about one millimetre deep between the hair follicles by means of very fine needles. This is intended to boost the hair roots with vital substances, compensate for deficiencies and repair damage.

What remains is a hair structure that is strengthened all the way to the lengths and visibly smoother hair. Accordingly, Mesohair is used to treat hair loss such as age, hormone or stress-related hair loss and to stimulate hair growth when hair transplant is not required. Increasingly, scalp injections are also being booked for purely cosmetic reasons, for example to strengthen long hair or to give fine hair more volume. Mesotherapy of the scalp is then intended to stimulate blood circulation and nutrient supply in the long term and significantly improve cell metabolism.

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What’s inside Hair Thickening Injections?

In order to determine the optimal composition of active ingredients, the treating dermatologist first determines the individual hair and skin type and then takes note of current complaints or symptoms, such as increased hair loss or irritation of the scalp. For the treatment of hair loss, so-called biorevitalizers and typical anti-aging active agents such as dexpanthenol, biotin, coenzyme Q10, antioxidants or thymus extracts are considered to be particularly promising. Homeopathic active ingredients and medicinal plant extracts have a balancing effect and soothe irritations; anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents are also conceivable. If you want a fuller and healthily shiny head of hair, you will be injected with highly concentrated active complexes of well-known skin and hair building blocks such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. However, if the dermatologist notices baldness in the scalp, he should refer the patient to a hair transplant in Turkey center.

What Happens After Mesohair?

A Mesohair treatment is hardly noticeable thanks to the finest micro-needles and should be applied at weekly intervals for six weeks. Afterwards, it is sufficient to repeat the injections once a month to maintain the effect and permanently improve the hair quality. From the third treatment onwards, improvements are already noticeable, with clear changes becoming apparent after two to three months. Mesotherapy of the scalp is performed on an outpatient basis and is considered to be well tolerated; the costs are determined individually by the dermatologist . However, it is not as effective as the best hair transplant methods for people with baldness.

On the day of the treatment, the hair should be washed thoroughly, after which it is recommended to consistently refrain from further shampooing or stressful hair styling, i.e. by means of heat or chemical products, for about 24 hours.

Does It Prevent Hair Loss?

Mesohair method is not a method that is thought to be 100% effective. The disease should be diagnosed completely and the extent of the spills should be known. It is a waste of time to wait for help from serums, especially in cases of balding.  Because the wrong intervention without knowing what the problem is can cause the disease to increase. Therefore, it will be better for your health to come to hair transplant Turkey centers and get an effective consultancy from our doctors.

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Effective Solution for Hair Loss

If the hundreds of solutions you are looking for for hair loss do not work, you should know that you should act with the advice of a doctor. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove the hair in question naturally. Fortunately, there is a form of the best hair transplant technique where successful results can be obtained. Thanks to this treatment, baldness is no longer a permanent disease. With the experience and knowledge of our specialist doctors, excellent results are obtained in terms of aesthetics. With the miracle of the DHI method, your operation can be performed in a short time without cutting your scalp. Thus, it is not necessary to stitch your scalp like the FUE technique.

Hair Transplant Is An Option

Hair thickening injections is a successful treatment method for people with hair loss. It reduces hair loss and also manages to alleviate scalp diseases. However, the success rate varies according to the severity of the hair loss. Unfortunately, it is not correct to receive such help without a doctor’s advice in cases of excessive hair loss.

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