Microblading For Hair Loss

Microblading For Hair Loss Hair loss is a dreadful reality most of us experience earlier than we expect. There is no easy way to handle it psychologically since our culture deems hair as one of the most important parts of our looks. Many people suffer from anxiety and even depression. Even the fear of losing our hair may cause these conditions and adversely affect our lives.

Thankfully, there are many ways of preventing and even regrowing our hair back due to recent developments in science and technology. Rebuilding your own self-image is easier than ever with many treatment options, supplements, and procedures. The most common procedure for regaining your lustrous and vibrant hair back is a hair transplant.

From slight receding of the hairline to complete baldness, a hair transplant rescues us from the bottomless pit losing hair pushes us into. There are many other options for preventing the loss of your hair. One of the contemporary procedures to prevent losing hair microblading.

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Microblading? What is that?

This technique shows great promise for a recent procedure. Gaining your looks back with microblading is easier than ever. This procedure stems from a cosmetic procedure much more like applying a tattoo. It was used on eyebrows for increasing their volume and beautifying their looks. But nowadays it is also applied to the area where your hair follicles reside, your scalp. It is used to hide the recession of the hairline. To understand microblading to a certain extent, we need to follow its procedural process step by step.

This is a procedure that is quite similar to applying a tattoo with a hair image on your head. Unlike hair transplant which grows hair back completely. For determining your compatibility with this kind of procedure, understanding the inner workings of this treatment is a must. This treatment is applied via a simple tool that can be held in your hands. This tool applies a tattoo on your head or scalp to be precise.

This action creates the looks of hair. Its premise sounds alike to micropigmentation, but there are a few key differences between these two procedures. Scalp micropigmentation techniques employ digital machines whereas the whole premise of microblading concentrates on the handiwork of its applier since it is done via a handheld device. A tiny bladelike object puts ink in all across your head, scalp to be precise for restoring the appearance of hair with a little more volume.

One thing to know is this technique’s results are completely cosmetic. But usually, our reason for wanting our hair back is also about our looks. So microblading usually satisfies our needs. Especially for people who don’t want to consider hair transplants or want a smaller part of their head to look more vibrant.

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How does it work?

Microblading needles are quite similar to needles used in tattoo parlors. But their size is completely different. They are about three times smaller. This allows an experienced operator to paint very thin strands to create a hair-like look on top of your head which results in the illusion of having natural hair. Since the process done by experienced hands allows for precise drawing, especially in the hands of an accomplished expert, only the areas on your head that don’t have enough hair or areas you specifically want may be targeted to achieve the best results you want.
There are many benefits to microblading procedures including but not limited to,

  • Pigments used to tattoo mimics natural hair and skin color.
  • Restoration of your looks is instantaneous and they fade quite slowly.
  • There are no common health risks.They are quite effective with short hair cuts.
  • Just like tattooing, pain is completely manageable.
  • Results start to fade only after approx. 16-18 months.

As you can see microblading is a great procedure if you don’t think a hair transplant is good for you even with the best hair transplant techniques available nowadays.

Are there any cons to microblading?

Microblading For Hair Loss Micropigmentation and microblading are treatments that fade away with time. Hair loss can’t be prevented with these procedures. They do not grow any new hair on your scalp. If you touch your hair after this procedure, you won’t feel any difference. It is good to stress this once more, unlike hair transplant done with the best hair transplant techniques, This procedure is completely cosmetic. Last but not the least, microblading does not yield good results for people with baldness. Generating a natural look needs the tattoo to be concealed by surrounding hairs.

Where can I find a great clinic for microblading and other hair treatments?

Turkey has become one of the best places to undergo many kinds of treatments for your hair. Our clinic which offers the best hair transplant in Turkey offers many kinds of treatments against hair loss for satisfying prices. With our top of the line techniques and expert surgeons, hair loss will not be a nightmare for you anymore. Microblading For Hair Loss

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