Female Hair Loss Treatment Products

Female Hair Loss Treatment Products Around the world, more than 25% of women have noticeable hair thinning or hair loss on account of diverse factors, and around 85% of females experience hair loss from the age of 60 onwards, So what are the best female hair loss treatment products? How much do they cost? How are they applied? And what are their success rates? Do they have any side effects? All of these questions will be thoroughly answered in the following article.

Hair Loss Treatment Products

If you are one of the million females who are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, before looking for the possible hair loss treatment products, you need in the first place to diagnose your case and check which type of hair loss do you have, and why it occurred. Because any professional and experienced doctor in the world would never prescribe for you a medicine or a product before he or she properly examines your case to know what suits you the best. And in this case, you need to know that the best doctors and specialists in hair transplant worldwide are in Turkey. This country has been the leading country worldwide  in this field for decades. In 2019 only, more than 80.000 tourists from all over the world travelled to Turkey in order to undergo a hair transplant process.

Female Hair Loss

The idea that may leap to your mind now if you are not a resident in Turkey is the following: it is impossible for me to travel to Turkey just to consult a doctor and go back to my country. It would be highly costful for me, so I’d rather consult a doctor in my own country, and once he recommends for me the treatment I need, I can consider travelling to Turkey in order to get it done. So in this case, we gladly notify you that you can possibly have an online consultation before putting  the travelling to Turkey into consideration because you may not need it.

Online Diagnosis

For instance, if you contact Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey which is one of the leading international hospitals in hair transplant, plastic surgeries, and cosmetic dentistry, a specialist will get in touch with you, you will get a free online consultation, and you will know the best female hair loss treatment products for your case.

The female hair loss products are variant and numerous:

  • The Platelet- Rich Plasma: this is regarded as one of the best treatments to get rid of hair loss and hair thinning. It is a kind of injection that is applied by drawing blood from the patient’s body, centrifuging it and separating its constituents into stratums, taking the plasma from it, mixing it with calcium, and finally injecting it in the damaged area. This process is done in different sessions, normally the number of sessions are determined depending on the case of every female patient, but generally no less than six are needed.
  • The LLT or the Low Laser Therapy: This is a highly advanced non surgical treatment that is done by applying the laser therapy to stimulate and strengthen the hair grafts.
  • The natural products: sometimes, all what some females need in order to stop hair thinning and hair loss is to use totally medical and natural hair products like hair shampoos, hair conditioners, hair sprays, hair serums, that are silicone, parabens and sulfates free. In Turkey, and in Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul, they have their own laboratory called clinic expert labs in which they manufacture totally natural and pure hair products like hair shampoos, hair conditioners, hair serums, hair sprays hair oils, PRP injections that are extremely effective to get rid of hair loss and hair thinning with a very reasonable price including the shipping fees worldwide. It generally takes no more than one week to get your ordered hair products.
  • Multivitamins: some females have various nutritional deficiencies which get reflected into their hair resulting in hair hair thinning and hair loss. So the best solution for them is to regulate their diet by consuming healthy food that consists of all the necessary constituents like the vitamins, the proteins, the minerals….etc. Also with the advice of an experienced doctor, you can get food supplements and multivitamins.
  • A healthy hair care routine: for a category of female the most effective solution in order to stop hair loss and hair thinning is to stick to a healthy diet and healthy hair care routine at least twice per week.

To conclude, there are various female hair loss treatment products such as the natural hair products, the multivitamins, the healthy diet, the Low-laser Therapy, the Platelet-rich plasma…etc, so all what you should do first once you realize that your hair is either falling or getting thin is to consult an experienced and competent doctor, he will examine your case, and he will definitely determine what product is the most suitable for your case

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