The World's Best Hair Transplant

The World’s Best Hair Transplant During the last decade and thanks to its effective, fast and startling results, the  hair transplant operation has become a very common treatment that is performed by thousands of people around the world every month. For instance, in 2019 only, and according to the International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery, more than 735 thousand hair transplant procedures were done. But there are various methods and different techniques that are used worldwide  in order to transplant hair, so what is the world’s best hair transplant on the level of the destination, the medical staff, the application, the healing process, the result, as well as the cost?

Hair Transplant Operation

The hair transplant operation dates back to the mid of the twentieth century, and more specifically to 1952 when the American Dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich, performed the first HT procedure in New  York City using a method he called the hair plugs method. The idea of implanting hair in the empty or bald areas of the head was brilliant, and  even though it was not successful and effective as it had several drawbacks, it inspired a lot of professors, scientists and researchers to develop this idea by inventing new methods that are more successful and less harmful. From the 90’s of the previous century till today a lot of  techniques have been innovated such as: the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the Sapphire method, the Robotic hair transplant, the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), and finally the Direct Hair Implantation Pro (DHI PRO). So, what is the world’s best hair transplant technique?

Every hair transplant method has its pros and cons, but the last technique  that has been recently developed by a group of aesthetic surgeons and professors in Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey, has proved to be the world’s best hair transplant method from all the sides: it is the DHI PRO technique. So how is it done? And what has made it as the world’s best

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hair transplant technique?

The Direct Hair Implantation technique is classified as a non-surgical process that is done under local anesthesia. It takes between 7 to 8 hours generally, and 4000 grafts could be transplanted in each session. It is done in five simple steps, and it is performed as following:

  • In the first step: the doctor applies the anesthesia, which is a local one as we mentioned. Thus, the patient will be awake during the whole procedure.
  • In the second step: the doctor applies the Platelet-rich plasma which is known as the PRP injections in the scalp and the donor area of the head. Those injections are done by drawing blood from the patient’s body, separating its components using a centrifuge machine, taking the Plasma from it, and then injecting it in the donor area in order to nutrify and strengthen the hair grafts before they get transplanted.
  • In the third step: the doctor will put a laser helmet on the head of the patient , and using the Low Laser Therapy known as the LLT, this technique will help in stimulating and enhancing the blood circulation in the recipient area as well as the donor area. This operation takes around thirty minutes.
  • In the fourth step: as the blood circulation has been efficiently stimulated, and the hair grafts have been effectively triggered and nutrified, it is time now to start the hair grafts extraction. Using the DHI PRO method, the doctor harvests the hair follicles individually from the donor area without causing any damage at all.
  • In the fifth and the last step of the procedure: the doctor will finally transplant the extracted hair roots in the empty areas of the head. There is no specific number, because the number of hair follicles needed depends on the patient’s need and the patient’s donor area as well. The larger your bald area is, the

more hair grafts you will need.

So by examining and surveying the application of the DHI Pro method, you can already notice that this method is quite advanced and beneficial, so why is it regarded as the world’s best hair transplant mechanism?

The DHI PRO is quite beneficial and advantageous on all the levels:

  • For the application: as we already explained, its application makes it the best so far, because it does not cause any damage at all neither on the donor area nor on the recipient area.
  • healing process: the healing process is the fastest when compared to all the other techniques as it takes three days for maximum.
  • For the success rate: since it has been applied, the success rate of the DHI PRO technique has surpassed the 95% with zero damage and zero risks.

To conclude,  nowadays, the DHI PRO technique is regarded as the world’s best hair transplant method and most efficacious technique so far, and it is done only in clinic expert h Hospital in Istanbul Turkey, the hospital that has developed it.

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