Niacin Hair Loss Treatment

Niacin Hair Loss Treatment One in four women and one in every two men are affected by hair loss. There are several reasons for this; hormonal fluctuations, hereditary factors, disease and stress combined with an unhealthy diet can negatively affect the hair structure. Like many vitamins, niacin hair loss treatment is among the recommendations.

How Is Hair Loss Noticed?

The determining factor is the distribution pattern of hair loss that provides information about its cause. If men have light hair and reduced hairlines on the back of their heads, this is due to hormonal causes, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Increased hair loss is seen in the middle of the head in women, but if there is very hard hair on the back of the head, it is also called hormone-related hair loss. Many women and men who want to have a hair transplant Turkey struggle with alopecia.

Vitamins Against Hair Loss

  • Iron: Iron deficiency is common worldwide, especially among women. Studies conducted in France have shown that 60 percent of women who experience widespread hair loss have a significant iron deficiency. Good sources of iron are liver, legumes and wheat bran. Vitamin C improves absorption and availability.
  • B vitamins: Biotin is said to increase hair growth and provide healthy hair and nails. Pantothenic acid stimulates cell division of hair follicles and is found mainly in beef, chicken eggs, milk and oranges.
  • Zinc: This vital trace element is involved in the formation of keratin and is therefore important for hair. Deficiency can cause hair loss. It is found in cheese, milk, eggs, and meat, so strict vegetarians often suffer from a zinc deficiency.
  • L-Lysine: The sulfur-containing amino acid plays a role in hair formation. If widespread or hereditary hair loss is treated with dietary supplements, this essential building block should not be missing.

Regular vitamin supplements are an effective treatment method for both hair loss and after hair transplant.

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How Does Hair Grow?

Niacin is essential for many processes in the body. In addition to the accumulation and breakdown of carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids, also plays a role in cell division and signal transduction and plays a role in the functioning of the immune system.

Niacin grows hair that was at least stunted before. The solution turns them into terminal hair. However, the hair root must still be intact. As soon as the scar remains or the hair follicle disappears, the product no longer works. When this is the case, what is needed is to contact our hair transplant in Turkey center.

What Is Niacin?

Nicotinic acid is nothing more than vitamin B3, which is extremely important and beneficial for health and beauty! Vitamin B3 is also extremely important for energy production in the human body. The cosmetic use of nicotinic acid brings with it many positive features. And nicotinic acid is often used especially for hair care.

How Exactly Is Nicotinic Acid Used?

It works as part of a complex and well-coordinated vitamin team. Its main task is to turn food into energy, energy that our body can use later. This helps to improve the condition of our hair, skin and nails. Nicotinic acid is used for hair because of its known functions in the context of cell division and cell regeneration. Nicotinic acid also helps the body absorb calcium. This is another important factor in maintaining healthy hair and after the best hair transplant.  It is known that by consuming foods high in niacin, you can improve the condition of your hair, skin, and nails. It is much more effective than taking a multivitamin complex.

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Which Foods Is Niacin Contained?

Niacin-rich foods are meat, sometimes “breakfast” milk (fortified), orange juice, nuts and grains. Nicotinic acid molecules penetrate the scalp and dilate the blood vessels so that important nutrients can penetrate the hair follicles. In this way, the hair follicles on the entire surface of the scalp receive their nutrition. You should remember to tell your doctors about your disease history, whether you are using normal vitamin treatment or using the best hair transplant technique. In addition to the ingredients listed above, they usually contain silicon, magnesium, potassium and copper and are expected to provide further growth and a new shine.

Hair Transplant for Hair Loss

The most permanent and reliable way to eliminate the baldness that you cannot deal with is hair transplantation. With the least side effects and risks, you can eliminate the gaps in your head forever. No matter how hard you try, if niacin hair loss treatment does not help, you can make an appointment with our specialist doctors.

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