Male Hair Loss Statictics

Male Hair Loss Statictics Hair loss occurs in men and women. Hair loss and weakening of hair is a big problem for most people. Because hair plays a huge role in people’s physical appearance. It is a problem that makes people think that it decreases their beauty and attractiveness. Hair loss is also known as baldness in men. Hair begins to shed at regular intervals and first regional baldness then complete baldness occurs.

How long the hair loss will last and whether it is permanent depends on the cause of the hair loss. Although hormones are highly effective, they may have different causes.

Causes of Male Hair Loss

It is quite reasonable to shedding hair about 50-100. There is no single reason for this number to increase. Hair loss due to genetic reasons also called “androgenetic alopecia”, is the regional hair loss that is mostly seen in men and postmenopausal women Lack of certain minerals in the body can lead to hair loss. In this case, it is possible to stop hair loss by adding mineral supplements to the body. Some habits can also cause hair loss. For example; irregular and malnutrition, inactivity, stress. Always gathering the hair too tightly, washing it wrongly, exposing the hair to chemicals can be considered as examples.

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The most common cause of hair loss in men is hair loss, which occurs as a result of the testosterone hormone making hair follicles hypersensitive. In a type of hair loss known as Androgenetics, hair loss occurs from the forehead to the back and the rate of hair loss increases as you age. If the spill is male type, the size of the spilled area is checked. If this gap cannot be closed and hair root loss is too much, hair transplantation is generally recommended.

Hair Loss Causes: Malnutrition

Another common cause of hair loss is malnutrition. Causes such as B12, iron deficiency, zinc, biotin, and folic deficiency make the hair follicle fed through the blood unhealthy and therefore the hair strand that cannot be fed from the root becomes weak. For this reason, a diet lacking fruit and vegetables and diets lacking protein negatively affect hair health. Especially in hair loss in children, the child’s blood test and vitamin and mineral checks should be done.

Men generally face about 20% of male genetic (androgenetic alopecia) hair loss problems in their late twenties. This problem is related to hormones. The genetic part consists of baldness genes passed down from mother and father. Contrary to what is known wrongly, the baldness gene can come not only from the mother but also from the father. 30% in the thirties; 40% shedding rate in the forties; In the fifties, the rate of men with genetic shedding is close to 50%.

The onset of hair loss in men starts with the increase in the level of testosterone hormone in adolescence and continues to increase if there is a genetic predisposition. In 96% of Caucasian men, after puberty, the temples are opened and the front hairline regresses. It is not possible to determine the type, onset time, and severity of the hair loss. But generally in the twenties (that is, hair loss that starts very early), the amount of shedding becomes more severe, and more hair growth occurs. Hair loss can be seen later in some men.

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Treatment Methods

The psychological effect of hair loss on people is different. Since some people attach great importance to their hair, even the slightest thinning and a pinch of hair loss affects these people very badly in business and social life, while some people do not care. Professional psychological support and medical treatment are essential for these people, that is, people who attach great importance to them. Hair transplant is a must for these people to replace the lost hair against the hair loss that occurs in today’s advanced ages.

The best permanent treatment method for hair loss is hair transplant. In hair transplant, healthy hair follicles are transferred to this area of ​​hair loss. For this purpose, DHT is taken from the scalp, which is insensitive and therefore contains healthy hair follicles, from the nape and above the ear areas. With the method called FUE, hair follicles are collected one by one together with their follicles and placed in the microchannels on the scalp where they will be transferred.

Since there are no cuts and stitches, this method is also known as “non-surgical hair transplantation”. Local anesthesia is applied during this procedure. In this method, the process takes 4-5 hours. The patient does not feel pain. Hair follicles grow gradually within 3 months. Within 1 year, you will get your natural-looking hair. The advantage of this method is the use of your natural hair in the procedure process.

What To Do After Hair Transplant?

In the first 3 days after the hair transplant, no contract should be made to the hair transplant area. The first wash is done on the 3rd day after hair transplantation. It is more appropriate for the physician who performs the hair transplant to perform the first wash, and the person can also do this after receiving training. It is more beneficial to stop smoking, alcohol, and caffeine use after transplantation.

We recommend wearing a hat for two weeks as dust, rain, wind, and sun rays can be harmful to newly transplanted hair after transplant.

After transplant, sensitivity occurs in the area where the hair follicles are taken. Sensitivity in the harvested and transplanted areas continues for up to 2 weeks. Also, redness and thin crusting can be seen in the emptied pores in the area where the hair follicles are taken. This means wound healing.

Redness and crusting should not be itchy. The parts that are crusted within two weeks will shed spontaneously. Finally, it is very important to prevent damage to the transplanted hair follicles by lying on your back in the first week after transplant.

If you want to achieve good results with quality, healthy, sterile, natural methods, you can choose the hair transplant methods we apply. Our physicians will find the best method according to your wishes, skin structure, and health condition and apply the best techniques to have the most permanent and natural hair. These techniques are applied in the most orderly, healthiest, and highest quality ways to please you.

Since the priority of our company is your health, it will serve you by prioritizing this. To end your hair transplant and baldness in the most natural way, we move forward by ridding you of your fears and worries. If you want to move forward with us, our doctors are waiting for you with reassuring, sterile, and permanent methods. Male Hair Loss Statictics

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