How Much does Clinicexpert Hair Restoration Cost?

How Much does Clinicexpert Hair Restoration Cost? To some degree, everybody loses hair and it is normal if the hair loss does not surpass the amount of 50-100 strands of hair per day. Typically, individuals who lose more hair follicles regularly are vulnerable to one or more causes of hair loss. Females often suffer from hair thinning issues, but men are much more likely than women to lose their hair, and male baldness is the most common cause of this.

Hair Loss Balding Tendency

Every person wants beautiful locks and long healthy hair strands and few of them are born with this blessing, but aging, genetic factor, and many other problems can lead them to early balding, hair receding, bald patches, and other problems are more likely to cause them trouble over time. All around the world, there are many individuals who suffer from balding and thinning hair before they face this issue. There is a large population of males and females struggling with hair loss, which can also contribute to hair balding.

It has also been studied that some people, either men or women, may have a 25% chance of showing some hair balding patches by the age of 50, and 50 percent of males may suffer from visible hair loss and by the time they turn 60, approximately two-thirds of them are either bald or have a balding tendency. Hair problems are normal for individuals who have it in their genes or even those who have reached a certain age, but this leads to unstable issues of personality & trust for individuals who experience hair loss during their lifetime of youth.

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Hair Transplant Technology

Also for those who have reached a certain age, struggling with this problem and doing nothing about it is not necessary for them. Technology and trends have influenced every sector, and hair transplantation is one of them. Typically, individuals prefer to go to a good dermatologist and consider residing and adapting to restore their beloved locks with oral drug techniques, multiple creams, and serum applications on their heads.

Some methods work, however, and it’s sad to know that some don’t. Their last hope is to opt for hair transplant therapy and treatment. These people who spend lots of money for good hair growth leave no stone unturned, they go to get their priceless hair back for any possible treatment that is in their budget. Have you ever wondered what factors could impact hair transplant costs? We will attempt to make you understand what factors are effective on the price of hair transplant;

Technique and Technology

A hair transplant surgery to achieve the best results depends on the procedure and technology used, there are many individuals who are unaware of the new and sophisticated machinery and technologies commonly used by the best hair clinics. This treatment has various advantages such as no visibility of scars, no loss of sensitivity, continuous hair growth, natural-looking hair, etc.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the most effective and subsequent therapies during the current period.

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For the method, our doctor collects hair follicles from the donor area during this procedure and cautiously positions them with the aid of specialist surgeons in the recipient area. With the help of a needle, they make mini holes on the receiver’s head and then implant these hair follicles on their head, leading them to natural hair growth as no artificial technique is included. It is a natural, productive, and affordable hair transplant process.

DHI Hair Transplant Procedure

It was necessary to do the FUE operation and call it DHI hair transplant surgery. The normal FUE method includes four stages: Graft collection, followed by the formation of channels in the recipient sites, followed by graft transplantation. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned operation order has been updated for the DHI hair transplantation procedure. At our company, the recipient region is prepared first, and then the process for the elimination of the graft and rapid transplantation of the graft is initiated by our team.

In the second stage of DHI hair transplant surgery, when the head of the patient is in an upright position, only the surgeon provides grafts that are hard to extract and transplant. Since our doctor is the team’s most qualified member, complicated grafts are not wasted and without mechanical damage are placed by him. Our surgical staff is often busy extracting and positioning the grafts while our doctor performs the difficult parts. Therefore, to ensure better graft survival, the whole process is better controlled by our skilled surgeon. Eventually, unlike the regular FUE treatment, in either storage solution, saline, or platelet-rich plasma, the grafts do not need to be stored.

Baldness Level

One of the most significant factors for the price of hair transplantation is the degree of baldness experienced by any patient. If the person has a small amount of baldness, it could cost you a bit cheaper than it is. But there may be additional sessions and enhanced hair follicles if the baldness is severe and high, which may end up in costly hair care.

The Number of Sessions

As per sittings, there are some hair centers that charge the average cost of hair transplantation, one of which is Clinicexpert. So a hair transplant process is usually performed in 1 sitting only if there is normal hair loss, but if the amount of hair loss is excessive, the amount of sitting will vary and change. Some of the most crucial matters that play a significant role in the price of hair transplantation are the number of grafts to be requested by the recipient and sessions that the patient wants to take.

Expertise and Reputation of the potential Clinic

Hair transplant is a very high-end procedure, to pull off such a thorough treatment, the individuals involved in this sector need to be highly skilled, competent, and have to have a good range of skills. It is therefore estimated that a successful clinic with amazing experience will charge you a decent amount of cash as they will be aware of all potential technology, system innovations, and even realistic hair restoration process expertise. It is also understood that this explanation influences the prices of hair plantation on the head of a desperate person.

Availability of Donor Grafts

If the individual does not have a sufficient number of healthy hair follicles on the back of the scalp, other body parts such as the beard and chest may have to be used to extract the hair follicles and use them. The process requires more skills and a high degree of expertise because the body hair is more sensitive and difficult to remove. The overall operation would thus be more difficult and will proportionately impact the price of surgery.


Some hair transplant centers provide patients with free medical consultation, while other clinics charge a substantial consultation fee. You will be able to get a free consultation at our company and also get to know about the different aspects and kinds of hair transplants during the consultation meeting.

Clinicexpert is the Best Choice

Since ClinicExpert realizes every person’s desire and how they would like to rebuild their trust with impressive hair growth, we provide you with an affordable hair transplant that will be worth it and help you build an ever-desired appearance on your head. Clinicexpert is a popular, professional hair transplant clinic that is known to provide our services with quality and cost-effective hair implants with long-lasting outcomes for customers from Europe and around the world.

Our passion is guided by a team of specialist surgeon and skillful staff, with our great experience and countless successful procedures, we are always available to provide our customers with the best possible hair restoration experience that fits both their wallet and personality. As we have mentioned above, we offer you a free consultation to explain our way to fix your hair and for us to realize the intended goals, Clinicexpert is also one of the most sophisticated and the largest hair transplant clinics offering advanced hair transplant services along with luxurious facilities, with a simple installment option where you can afford to look amazing.

At our company, we make use of the most advanced and also the newest methods to cure all types of hair loss conditions. If you are willing to learn more about treatments and others, please do not hesitate to phone us.

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