Facial Hair Transplant Reviews

Facial Hair Transplant Reviews In addition to hair transplant, and thanks to the highly advanced technologies that have been developed during the last decades starting from the late 90s, it has become also possible to transplant hair in the face such as the eyebrows, the beard, the moustache, the chin…etc using numerous methods and techniques. Since it was invented and applied in different countries worldwide, facial hair transplant reviews have been split into two parts and groups: 50% were extremely positive and 50% were totally bad and negative. To know further details about facial hair transplant reviews, this article will absolutely provide you with all the details you are looking for.

First of all, what is the facial hair transplant? And how is it done?

As we already mentioned, the facial hair transplant includes various procedures which are:

  • The beard transplant: this process is done by harvesting hair grafts from the donor area and transplanting them in the empty areas of the beard.
  • The eyebrows Transplant: some people, males and females, youth and adults may have very thin eyebrows either from birth or due to other reasons. Hence, they perform an eyebrow transplant process which is done exactly in the same way as the precedent procedure and the hair transplant.
  • The moustache transplant: Sometimes, males or transgenders undergo a moustache transplant.
  • The chin transplant: like all the other procedures, chin transplant is done similarly like the hair transplant, by also extracting hair grafts from the donor area of the head (either the back of the head, the chest), and transplanting them in the chin area.

Before shedding light on the facial hair transplant reviews, It is necessary to know the best method so far to transplant hair in the face, and how it is done.

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FUT Technique

In fact, starting from the late 90s, a lot of techniques have been developed starting from the Follicular Unit Transplant known as the FUT technique, to the Direct Hair Implantation referred to as the DHI PRO. The method that has proved to be the best one till today is the DHI Pro. It was developed by Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey, and it is done as following:

  • Firstly, the doctor applies the local anesthesia in the donor area as well as the recipient area  (the bald area).
  • Secondly, the doctor will inject the Platelet-rich plasma in the donor area to stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp, and strengthen the hair follicles.
  • Thirdly, the doctor will apply the Low-Laser Therapy on the scalp for 30 minutes to further strengthen the will be extracted hair grafts.
  • The doctor extracts the hair grafts from the donor area which is either the back of the head, the beard or the chest. Using the DHI PRO, the doctor harvests the grafts using a medical device called the micro fue. This machine has a diameter of 0.7 mm only, and it allows the doctor to harvest hair grafts one by one from the donor area without causing any scars, cracks or bleedings.
  • Finally, in the last step, the doctor will transplant all the extracted hair grafts after putting them in a solution called the Hypothermasol in the bald facial area using choi implanters that have a diameter of 0.5 mm only. Thus, the result will  be quite dense,  and extremely natural.


As far as the facial hair transplant reviews are concerned, as any other aesthetic processes, this procedure has good as well as bad reviews. 90% of the people who perform their procedures in the best reputable hospitals in Turkey like Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul using the most recent and effective techniques, like the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), and the Direct Hair Implantation Pro (DHI PRO) are totally positive. However, those who perform this operation in an infamous hospital, clinic or medical center in any country around the world by an unreputable, uncredible and uncompetent aesthetic surgeons and doctors, they will most of the times get a very bad, unpleasant, unsatisfying and sometimes an extremely disappointing and horrible results.

In addition to the doctor’s experience and results, Sometimes the reviews are related to the pricing and the total cost of the operation. Because in different countries worldwide like the United States Of America, the United Kingdom, almost all the european countries, the middle east countries as well, the facial hair transplant is highly costful even though they do not use the most recent methods like the dhi and the dhi pro.

To wrap up, The facial hair transplant reviews as we mentioned in this article are both good and bad depending on numerous factors, therefore, it is necessary and obligatory to invest enough time, and to be extremely careful and cautious before you select the hospital and the medical field that will perform your procedure.

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