Hair In The Middle Of My Head Want Grow

Hair In The Middle Of My Head Want Grow Do you think what I can do If I want my hair in the middle of my head want grown? if you think you’re in the right place because it’s not your destiny to be bald anymore. Hair transplantation is now a very easy and fast choice but of course it’s not the only way. Hair loss is not a desperate situation. You are not helpless, no longer male or female pattern hair loss. We restore your hair in ways that you can go back to work on the same day, without pain-free, seamless scarring. You are at the right address for hair transplant methods in Turkey.

If you think of your hair as your favorite accessory, you should take care of them. For this, you can find answers to all questions about early shedding and baldness in both men and women. According to the structure of hair baldness treatment, hair, beard transplantation and even eyebrow transplantation will clarify every issue you are interested in here. First, let’s clarify the issues that are curious about hair transplantation methods. How many methods are there? Is there any that can be done when the spill begins? Let’s clarify these issues step by step.

Is it difficult to get a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is not an operation to be feared as thought. Operations performed with local anesthesia and lasting several hours depending on the situation. Although it used to be a slightly more painful and bloody procedure, it is in a fairly easy operation with new technologies. “Follicular Unit Transfer”, which is the first technology to explain in short titles, is a method that we can briefly call FUT the oldest. The second is FUE with “Follicular Unit Extraction” short software and the best method in technology is “Direct Hair Transplantation”, that is, the DHI method in short. We want to explain you what we prefer as a hair transplant in Turkey method and why. Let’s examine the positive and negative aspects of all these methods.

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Comparing Hair Transplantation Techniques

Let’s talk about the first method, the FUT method. Although this method is the oldest method applied, it is not currently very preferred because the hair follicles taken from the donor area are transferred to the bald area, while the suture process is performed in the donor area. In addition, the head needs to be completely shaved and the operation area protected for some time. Another problem is that it is a little bloodier than other methods.

The second method is Follicular Unit Extraction. This method is already in use and is still under development. It’s less bloody and painless than the FUT method. But in this method, there is also a surgical suture process. Hair transplantation is performed in a wider area and one day the patient can rest and go back to work. After hair transplantation, it is also necessary to use some products to ensure that the hair holds.

Let’s examine the last, most effective and most successful method, Direct Hair Implantation. Suture is not a bloody procedure because it does not require surgical suture. After surgery, he can return to work immediately. According to the way you lose hair, the bald area can be intervened with the laser process before or after the operation. This technique is constantly being developed. Best hair transplantation is the most commonly used method in Turkey. We clinically, we use DHI and DHI Pro method. With this method, which uses a special item, we take customer satisfaction as 100%.

What are the benefits of DHI method?

The DHI method is an advanced and still developing method and is also supported by laser. Since DHI Choi Pen devices are available to both open channels and place grafts at the same time, the operation and healing process is much shorter. In addition, with these special pens, it is much easier to control the direction of the follicles and minimize the space between them. In this way, the hair gets a smoother and natural appearance.

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The best advantage for most people is that there is no need to shave before the operation. DHI techniques make direct cultivation possible without scraping the hair. This is why DHI technology is the newest and best hair October technique, which is accepted by the most qualified clinics worldwide. Hair transplantation turkey in the same way.

What procedures are performed in the clinic?

Do you think what I can do If I want my hair in the middle of my head want grow? In Turkey we mostly use DHI and DHI Pro techniques in our clinic. Of course, hair transplantation is among our priority jobs, but your hair in question is in addition to hair transplantation, our hair transplantation and even eyebrow transplantation operations.

Men and women are also among our priority jobs to quickly get your hair shed for different reasons. As the most preferred clinic in Europe and Asia, we are here to show our valued customers what we can do in hair, beard and eyebrow planting. Call us or visit our clinic. For exclusive prices and state-of-the-art techniques, let’s meet.

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