Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Female hair transplant has been a game-changer. Women who have been insecure about their looks started to get better for themselves and decide to get their healthy hair back. It is not a secret that hair is the key to a beautiful look. Not only people who lost their hair can get a hair transplant but also people who are dealing with thin hair, thinning hair and some sort of injuries can also benefit from this surgical process.

Female hair transplant is definitely helping more women to feel confident about themselves. As the time passes, human hair tends to fall out and get thinner but with female hair transplant surgery every woman can get their young look back.

Hair Transplant Process for Women

Female hair transplant surgery has different techniques. Each of them has their own pros and cons. Each of them is simply a process where a woman’s hair follicles get somehow taken with a different technique. Then they implant these taken hair follicles into the bald area. As it sounds like a simple process, different techniques take different times. The scars all techniques leaves are different. Even though recovery time can be tough for some people, female hair transplant process definitely worth the waiting and recovery process to see the new hair growing.

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FUE Hair Transplant for Women

All female hair transplant techniques have a goal and it is to implant donor hair on the bald area. These techniques have different ways to implant those hair. FUE also known as Follicular Unit Extraction is one of most used technique in the medical field. It is way better than any other techniques. FUE technique was created because of FUT technique’s cons. In FUE, surgeon shave the donor area and the targeted area. Donor area is the area where your needed hair for transplantation is at.

Surgeon use a tool which is a micro punch tool after shaving hair. Micro punch tool is needed to remove the patient’s follicles from their skin. Then tiny incisions made by surgeon on the surface of the targeted area. These tiny incisions are for inserting the extract follicles. This process is made by a needle or any kind of a small and a sharp tool.

FUT Hair Transplantation for Women

In FUT, like any other female hair transplant technique surgeon put their patient on local anesthesia. If the patient deals with a serious anxiety, then sedation can be also given to. The donor area gets removed as a strip of scalp instead of one by one. Then this removed strip of scalp gets broken down by surgeon. They broke down the strip of scalp into small grafts. Then those small grafts get implanted into the targeted area.

FUT technique is known as best for male pattern baldness. FUT can leave a scar. This scar usually fades over time but still permanent. Since hair will cover up the scar, a lot of patients doesn’t care about it. The size of the scar is also depending on how many hair follicles is going to get removed during the surgery.

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DHI Hair Transplantation for Women

DHI or Direct Hair Implant is a different process of FUE. In DHI, they also remove hair follicles one by one from the scalp. Different to FUE, DHI technique allows surgeon to do the both thing at once. Surgeon can make incisions and also implant these hair follicles at the same time. DHI is also scar free unlike FUT but prices for DHI can be more expensive than FUT or even FUE since this female hair transplant surgery process takes longer than any other technique.

Recovery After Hair Transplantation

During the women’s hair transplant surgery, surgeons put music and even movies to make patients comfortable. They put a bandage over the surgery area when the surgery is done. It is important not to injure the newly transplanted hair after the process. For the three days after the surgery, some surgeons give medications such a prednisone, antibiotic prophylaxis. Some surgeons give only antibiotics even at the first day.

Some patients can require analgesic treatment after the surgery for a few days too but it is not same for every patient. Here’s some things patients need to be careful about after getting hair transplant:

  • It’s important not to do any sudden moves after the surgery.
  • Exercising or any hard work is not allowed during the first week of the surgery.
  • Washing hair is also not allowed. Patients can’t dye their hair for a few months.
  • Sleeping positions should be limited. Patient can’t put a pressure on their newly transplanted hair when they are sleeping.
  • Driving cars or using any mechanic isn’t allowed for 2 days since patients have to put on a local anesthesia.
  • Even though it feels itchy, no patient should try to scratch their scalp or hair.

Some surgeons allow their patient to wash their scalp with only water after the first day. They have to be quite gentle with their hair. 2 to 6 later, sometimes patients are allowed to wash their head with a baby shampoo but it still needs to be gentle. During washing process, no scraping is allowed. After 10 days, the stitches get removed from the donor area and with that, patients can start to do their normal hygiene routine.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

During the female hair transplant surgery, there can be made 2000 to 3000 implants. The number of micro grafts that will be transplanted depends on the technique. But most of the female hair transplant surgeries last around 8 to 12 hours.

When it comes to the benefits of hair transplantation, it would be best to start with getting the ideal appearance that every woman wishes for. It is easy to get a nice look with a nice, healthy hair. Hair transplantation lasts forever, so the results are also permanent too. Female hair transplant makes all women achieve a health hair.

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