Female Hair Transplant Before and After

Female Hair Transplant Before and After

Hair transplantation has been one of most popular surgeries around women who wanted make their appearance better. Women who lost their hair as the time went by or has genetic issues find hair transplantation perfect to get their confidence back. Like it can give hair to the areas where there is no hair, it can also give a healthy and a better look to hair too.

It is one of the natural ways to get the loss hair back. Hair transplantation is permanent, so patients don’t have to get it done more than once. Women patients who got done hair transplantation has said many time that female hair transplant before and after is really obvious and it gave them so much confidence.

How Is Hair Transplantation Done?

In the surgery process, surgeons took hair follicles of female patients. These hair follicles are from the nuchal area. Generally taken hair follicles gets transplanted to the hairless area where patient wanted to get it done. In different scenarios, sometimes a female patient doesn’t have any sufficiently healthy hair in the nuchal area.

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In that case, surgeons prefer take hair follicles from chest area or arms. Surgery process can be completed differently due to different amount of hair loss. If the targeted area is too large, sometimes several seasons can be necessary. Since after the surgery, the hair transplanted area has to rest and be covered, patient can’t see female hair transplant before and after difference.

Hair Transplantation Process

During the hair transplantation surgery, surgeons give local anesthesia to the female patients. An average hair transplantation can take about four hours to more. After the hair transplantation is done, surgeons apply a special bandage to the head of the patients.

After a few hours later from the procedure, patients are usually discharged. Due to different scenarios, at the first sessions patients may not tell the difference of female hair transplant before and after. Sometimes a hair transplantation can take 3 to 4 sessions to be completely done.

Recovery After Hair Transplant

After getting surgery done, hair scalp can be really tender. Some patients might have to take some pain killers for several days even though some patients say they didn’t experience any of these. So, it would be right to say it’s different for every patient. The bandage that the surgeon applied usually have to stay on for one to two days. Most female patients can go to work, school after 2 to 5 days from the operation.

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After the surgery, the transplanted hair on the patient falls out so it wouldn’t be possible to notice female hair transplant before and after. Female patients usually start to see their hair grow within a few months. Patients say when they started to see the new hair growth it was about 6 to 9 months after the surgery. So, to see the results fully at least 6 month is necessary. Female hair transplant before and after gives confidence to females!

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